Sai Gon Hustle And Bustle Life With Coffee

People in Saigon start a new day with a cup of coffee which is a reason for gathering and exchanging their desires with others.

Coffee is not only a kind of beverage; it becomes a culture feature or a musical note in a hustle and bustle life of people living in Saigon.

Coffee stall and newspaper

If you come to this S-shaped land, you will see people in Saigon always start a new day with two basic things, including a cup of black ice coffee and a newspaper. Walking around small lanes or shortcuts with hundreds of coffee stalls based on pavement entirely filled with guests who enjoy coffee in a peaceful atmosphere. They pay attention in reading a newspaper to update the latest news in traditional way until drink up their coffee. Each cup of coffee cost only 10,000 VND (~45 cents) for black ice-coffee and 12,000 VND (~54 cents) for black ice coffee with milk which is enough for you to enjoy the coffee time and feel the Saigon life’s rhythm while talking about endless stories.

sai-gon-hustle-and-bustle-life-with-coffee-1From time to time, coffee mixed with milk and ice become unique beverage in Sai Gon. Photo by: Tam Bui


Coffee to-go for the busy man

To whom don’t have much free time for enjoying coffee and sightseeing in the morning, especially officers just stop by and order a cup of coffee to-go as their daily working schedule. You can find coffee everywhere even in a trolley at most of the street in Saigon. A good coffee cup can be a good start for a new day to wake you up with the hustle and bustle modern life. You can find tasty coffee at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., or some coffee to-go trolley at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St.


Coffee make people with the same desire become closer

It is not difficult to find a coffee shop for a particular group such as photography, re-designation car group, tattoo & coffee group or acoustic style one. People can come and share their unlimited interest of their old film cameras or their unforgettable memories of a trekking time through the mountain and jungle. Sometimes they forget all about age, gender or social position, etc. and only focus on their interest and connecting people who have the same favorite hobbies. We can name some typical coffee clubs such as Hao Coffee or the Fix Republic for those who have the interest in photography; Vietgangz Brotherhood for those who interested in old and high-end cars; 1985 or Cucuta for acoustic style coffee space.

sai-gon-hustle-and-bustle-life-with-coffee-2Almost guest of Hao’s coffee shop are people who have favorite hobby of photography and collect film camera. – a kind of photography art which is not easy to follow. Photo by: Nha Tran.


Garden or countryside coffee for family gathering

Those families who are living in Saigon are acquainted with coffee time outside at those coffee space. They love to choose large coffee areas to share some emotional talk with their families’ members while their kids are playing on the playground within these peaceful coffee spaces. You can find those featured coffee space in Phu Nhuan and Go Vap Districts which decorated with natural and splendid style such as Du Mien, Country House, Suoi Nguon, Mien Dong Thao for relaxing at the weekend.


Overnight with a coffee cup

When coffee becomes a feature in culture, it isn’t a kind of beverage anymore which is an essential part of daily life. We can drink it every time and everywhere if we want to drink it bit by bit. One coffee shop called “non-sleep” has opened for more than 60 years at the No. 330 lane – Phan Dinh Phung Street always attract many people to come and enjoy even at night or dawn. Those guests come from different social levels such as young generations, common labor such as drivers or workers. In recent few years, those “non-sleep” coffee shops attract many guests to come such as Thuc Moc coffee shop, etc.

sai-gon-hustle-and-bustle-life-with-coffee-3“Coffee by hand-net” remains its tasty flavor from long time ago throughout three family generations. Photo by: Phong Vinh.

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