Rules About Tip In Different Nations

Understanding about how to tip servers or drivers in different nations could be a valuable knowledge to help you behaving in the most appropriate way when travelling.


Tip in Singapore is always counted in the bill. If it is not, leave some extra money on the table when you leave. However, tip is not too important in this nation, and you can tip as much as you can.



In restaurants, you should tip the waiters $1 for each meal, $1 to $2 for porters, $1 for taxi drivers and $2/hour for private drivers and $10 to $20 for each tour guide.


South Africa

In South Africa, the tip for server is usually from 10% to 15% the value of the bill. For luggage carriers in hotels, the price for each bag should be $1, and doorkeepers could receive $3 to $5. Taxi drivers are also usually tipped 10% of the bill and tour guides have around $10 per day.


In some places, it is considered to be rude to tip drivers or servers as they will think that you are underestimating them. You do not have to feel awkward when the servers are so enthusiastic but receive no tip. In the case that you really want to tip them, politely put the tip in an envelope and discreetly give them.


In Korean culture, there is nothing call “tip”. Therefore, if you feel extremely satisfied about the servers, tip them. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry anything about tip.


In the nation of pyramids, the tip is usually counted in the bill, which is from 5% to 10 % in restaurants. In hotels, for each bag of stuffs, you should tip $1 for the one who carries it for you. If you tip the doorkeepers from $10 to $20 in the first met, you will be treated like “a king” in the following days. Tour guides are supposed to receive up to $20 per day. Your tip could be in USD or Euro, however the citizens always prefer their local currency.


The tips will be added in the bills of restaurants, hotels or bars. Drivers and porters in Dubai often receive about 10 Dirham.


10% of the bill seems to be a quite common rule in many nations. Brazil is also one of them. However, luggage carriers receive more in Brazil as the price for each bag is $2. Tour guides also receive from $20 to $50 per day. Especially, Brazilians preferred currency is USD.


In Canada, tip will not be counted in the bill. Servers could have from 15% to 20% the bill value as tip. Each carried bag will cost $1 to $2. Note that Canadians do accept USD, but it should be in paper, not coin.


In restaurant, the tip will be 10% to 15% the value of the bill. Come back to the hotel, you can tip 10-20 peso/bag for carriers. A tour guide normally receive 50-150 peso for a day. However, when you tip them, try to be discreet.


The tip in India could be considered to be higher than many other nations, which is 15% for servers. However, recently, in some luxury restaurant, the tip is down to 10% and counted in the bill.

In hotels, each bag carried by servers cost only 50 rupees, and drivers often receive 100 rupees/day. USD is acceptable, but people seem to prefer local currency.

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