Reveal Unique Features of Japanese culture

Japan is a nation with a thousand of history length which is so-called a harmonious combination between ancient elements of its long history and new things to create its difference. It had an unusual rapidly recovery from an impoverished nation in Asia and used to fail in the World War 2rd to become one of the most developed countries in the world. Those unique features of its culture and indomitable will of Japanese in this land make a huge attraction to international tourists.

Let’s discover those typical features in Japanese culture

Standard national characters of Japanese culture

An intelligent combination of traditional and modern culture creates Japanese standard features of Japanese’s’ culture. People said the reason why Japan possessing a united culture is thanks to its coastline without any invasion from outside. Therefore, the natural and social features have built up an organized culture base. Another idea shows that due to its harsh natural characteristics with frequent natural disasters such as the earthquake or tsunami, etc. has partly made Japanese indomitable will and their social unitization to response to the harsh condition caused by those severe natural disasters.

Indeed, Japanese didn’t have to suffer from War’s consequence, but they have to face up with such harsh natural disasters to steadily build up their social life. It partly creates their typical characteristics such as hard-working, industrious and enduring. Thus the warrior spirit is considered as an ideal or way of living which grinding their will and decisive features;

Main religions in Japan are Polytheism and Buddhism with a long history which creates ceremony, behavior habit, and culture, costume, daily eating and communication patterns.


Communication culture of Japanese

Japanese has their unique principles and rites that must be followed and based on their social position and relationship in connection. They always bow their head while greeting others. Furthermore, the way of greeting also bases on their dealings with each’s social position in a conversation.

A rule not in writing is “the junior” always have to bow and greet “the superior” firstly when they meet. Accordingly, the older is the higher of the younger; male is superior to female; the teacher is superior; guest is preferred; etc. Japanese has three ways of greeting mentioned below:

Slightly bow

The body and head are slightly bent for a second with two hands are straight toward the body. Japanese bow and greet each other several times per day but the official ceremony for the first time then slightly bend and salute for other occasions.

Typical bow and greeting style

People bow their head for 20-30 degrees and holding for 2-3 seconds. If they are sitting on the floor and want to welcome other, then they can put two hands on the floor with a distance of 10-20 cm while bowing their head tightly to the floor for 10-15 cm distance.

Saikeirei style

Steadily bow their head and close to the ground is the highest level of greeting which has a meaning of highest deeply respect. They usually greet like this way in front of the altar in temples of Polytheism, Buddhism, in front of the national flag or Japan’s King.


Enjoying tea art of Japan

Traditional tea art and enjoying tea art were born and developed since the end of XII century which is considered as a prominent culture feature of Japan. In Japan, enjoying tea art is recognize as a symbol of the soul which contains profound meanings mentally to the human being in Japan.

Reveal Unique Features in Japan’s culture-1Until 14th decade, tea become more popular in Japanese daily life

Japanese said that they could find out mental value of each person by way of drinking tea and enjoying tea art. Its spirit is well-known by four words, including “peaceful-respect-pure-elegant” with profound meaning of each letter.


Traditional costume – Kimono

Besides specialties of enjoying tea art of Japanese is their traditional costume, especially Kimono for women. It is an overcoat fixed by a long piece of cloth rolling tight round the body with other belt and hair ties, long and wide sleeves. Women’s hair is sophisticated brushed with hair done high up in a knot which emphasizes the beauty of the attractive face with this traditional beauty caring way.

Reveal Unique Features in Japan’s culture-2Nowadays, women usually wear Kimono while men only wear it on important holiday.

Hundreds of years ago, Japanese wore Kimono in their daily life. However, It is used on important holidays. Kimono for men is decorated with lesser pattern and darker color than women’s one.


Ceremonies and customs in Japan

Their traditions and customs play an important part to make their unique features of Japan. Their orderly routine is essential to create their stable social development and an endogenous culture.

Reveal Unique Features in Japan’s culture-3Obon Lantern Festival has a meaningful purpose of bringing death’s soul back to life

Japan’s culture is open to receive modern habits and custom during their developing progress. Its culture was inspired by China and Western nations remarkably. However, Japanese still keep in their mind the national characters.


 “Extraordinary” features in Japan’s culture

Sometimes you will be surprised by their unusual lifestyle features while traveling in Japan:

– Take off your shoes then turn their head toward outside before getting inside the house; wear other soft sandals for indoor using;

– Immediately say “thank you” or “sorry” when you want to ask somebody for help or to do a favor;

– Eating raw food such as fresh fish, other seafood, etc.

– Habit of sending presents on Traditional holiday or Mid-Autumn holiday;

– Eating Ramen or Soba noodle while making noise and eating at the same time because Japanese said it is the way to show that the food is cooked well to the chef

– Japanese toilet style: it will make you feel confused because you don’t know whether you turn your back to the door or turn your face toward the mirror. Indeed you have to turn your face to the mirror.

In general, typical feature in Japan’s culture is a combination of traditional and modern culture which partly creates social growth physically and mentally.

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