The Best Luxury Resorts In Phuket Which Will Make Your Trip Fascinating

Phuket is an attractive destination in Thailand with millions of visitors every year. Owing a nature beauty, the island is the target for many tourists coming to Thailand. Phuket has many famous beaches and is surrounded by several smaller islands. However, selecting the right place to stay on the island seems to be a challenge for many tourists. Below is the list of the best luxury resorts in Phuket, according to the ideas of many visitors who shared their experience with me. I will not mention the price because it would change over seasons and years, but you can follow my link for checking and booking.

1. Twinpalms Phuket Resort

The top choice for a luxury resort in Phuket doesn’t seem to change for many years: Twinpalms Phuket Resort. This resort has been successfully attracting numerous tourists since it was open in 2005. With appropriate investment and scale, the price here is said to be justifiable by most of people.

Twinpalms Phuket

Twinpalmshas more than 76 rooms and villas. The resort is located in Surin, one of the most luxury shopping zones in Phuket. Twinpalms is designed in a elegance and luxurious style. The best points of the resort, according to my own experience, are the swimming pool and the water garden. Also, the wine cellar is a fabulous place for any wine lovers. The wines here have been stored for many years, which could attract even the fastidious visitors.

A corner of the resort

2. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is built near Kata Noi beach. This chain of hotels is famous because of the wine and food it offers. In term of service, the resort has massage and spa service. The facility is quite good with 3 swimming pools, 2 spa tubs and a steam room.

The resort is famous because of the wine and food it offers

Tourist can have meal at the bar of the resort, or just stay in the room and enjoy the food. Relaxing with wine at the bar/longue near the swimming pool could be a good choice. You can check more detail of this luxury resort here.

The resort is near the beach

3. The Pavilions Phuket

This is an extremely luxury resort in Phuket with higher price compares to many others. Pavilions Phuket has 9 three-bedroom villas and 21 one-bedroom villas with swimming pool adjacent to the beach. Similar to any other resorts, Pavilions Phuket also provides food and spa service right in the villas.

The Pavilions Phuket has higher price than many others

You will be able to comfortably drop yourself in the huge marble bath in your own villa and enjoy the feeling of luxurious living with a glass of fine wine. The high price, as many experienced tourists said to me, is worth. You could find more information of the resort on this site.

4. SALA Phuket resort

For a long time, SALA Phuket has been in one of the most popular resorts of Phuket, rated by tourists. 63 out of 79 villas of the resorts are facilitated with private swimming pools, which are quite luxury. The unique feature of this resort is that its design follows the ancient Arabic style, with mysterious blinds.

The resorts design follows the ancient Arabic style

All the residence zone in the resort are highly secured and protected. Perhaps this resort is the most ideal place for couples to spend their holidays.

We have gone through the top luxury resorts on Phuket Island, you can find more choices by referring to this post.

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