Top 7 Putrajaya Restaurants You Should Consider


Nowadays, beside Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is  one of the most famous destinations for tourists in Malaysia. Known as thefederal administrative center of Malaysia, Putrajayais stand equally beside Kuala Lumpur – the commercial and financial center of the nation. In Sanskit, “putra” means “prince” and “jaya” means “victory”.

Along with the growth of Putrajaya’s population and tourism, many recreation amenities erect to serve the needs of the industry. In this article, we’d like to provide you a list of fabulous dining spots, which might help you in finding a Putrajaya restaurant for your trip.

1. MR. Kabab& Biryani

Fabulous chicken kebab served in MR. Kabab and Biryani

A wonderful choice for your kebab lunch or dinner in Putrajaya. MR. Kabab&Bryani is located at NO. 42 44, 46, JalanDiplomatik 3/1 | Presint 15, Putrajaya. In the restaurant, you can find fabulous dishes with recipes from India, China and Pakistan.

The kebab in MR. Kabab& Biryani received many compliments from visitors from all over the world. It’s very succulent with perfect flavors. Besides, all dishes are served in big portions and the prices are very reasonable, too.

2. Latest Recipe

Tasty from the look

Situated inside Le MéridienPutrajaya Hotel, Latest Recipe is a perfect restaurant for people who enjoy Indian, Chinese and Japanese dishes in buffet parties. Visitors will be able to try as many cuisines as they want, as long as their tummies can take it.

My experience at Latest Recipe is definitely a blast. I love the taste and freshness of sashimi served here. Due to the large number of customers per day, the food is always fresh.

3. Balqis Restaurantư

Lovely view from Balquis Restaurant

You can easily find this fancy dining spot at A1-G-1 Promenande 8 Presint 8, Putrajaya. Balquis is an outstanding example of the perfect restaurants for the future.

Delicious dishes (I love their lamb kabsa and as my niece said: “yummy in her tummy”), professional staff and lovely décor are what you can never forget once you enter the Putrajaya restaurant.

4. Slero D Timur

I’m hungry just by looking at this dish

Don’t judge a restaurant just by its look. Slero D Timur may look simple in the outside décor, but you will love the food served here to the last bite.

Slero D Timur is said to have to most delicious Thai food in Malaysia. So when I had the chance to enjoy a meal in the restaurant, I orderd a lot of Thai food and I can confirmthat  it’s a complete truth. You will not be able to stop comparing the taste of Thai food from other restaurants for a very long time.

The  restaurant is located at Lot C1-LG-02 Ayer | Precinct 8, Putrajaya.

5. Morganfield’s Ioi City Mall

While shopping in Ioi City Mall, don’t forget to drop by Morganfield, a remarkable dining spot at lot GE-6. They serve unique south western pork dishes in large portions at very good prices.

Pork maybe a regular ingredient in your daily meals, nut you will be surprised by the way they cook it, resulting in mouth-watering aroma and tastes.

6. Sham Kitchen Restaurant

The salad dish served by Sham Kitchen

Another buffet restaurant for your convenience and choice. Located at No. 16 Jalan P9g | Precinct 8, Putrajaya, Sham Kitchen is loved by both local guests and foreign visitors.

The last time I spent there, I tried some dished cooked in Syrian way. I have never been to Syria, but the taste of Shawrma with garlic and fried chicken make me want to immediately rush to the country.

Sham Kitchen is also famous for their professional staff. Despite the large number of guests, they remain calm, friendly and helpful all the time. Visitors from other countries sometimes find it awkward to encounter emotionless waiters. Trust me, you will never find one in Sham Kitchen.

7. SerabeiCafé

The dining spot is a great combination of a café and a small restaurant. You can find it at lot A2-3-GA 13 Ayer@8, Jalan P8 G.

One thing I don’t like about Serabei is the attitude of some waiters. They are polite, but quite cold. However, the taste of food and drink here can justify the problem just fine, and not all of the staff are that hard to talk to.


Finding an adequate restaurant in Putrajaya is not a big deal, since the whole city is now tourist-friendly and the overall quality of services here is above average. However, you should consider the list we have offered. Hope you have a good trip in Putrajaya and come home with beautiful memories about the lovely modern city.

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