[Photo] The Indian Festival Allows Women To Beat Men

Participating in the Huranga festival, women can rip off men’s clothes as well as hit those who teased them all year round.

At the end of March, the Huranga festival is held regularly after the Holi festival. It happens at the Dauji Temple in Baldeo, which is 30-km away from Mathura city of Southern India. During the festival, women rush to tear all men’s shirts and beat them for revenge of being teased all year round.

At the same time, men will try to pour the saffron solution into women but are not allowed to touch them.

In the picture, men are taking the saffron solution from the Dauji Temple’s reservoir, where the festival takes place.

Petals and powdered pigments are thrown to the participants from the roof of the temple.

Many people will play the instruments during the festival to make it more lively. This picture is showing crazy drummers.

Women will wear Sari and lay a siege to the big group of men

After many hours of “fighting”, the entire temple will be flooded in saffron solution. The temple will also provide clean water for people to bathe. At the end of the day, everybody will wade across the knee-high stream to leave.

The Huranga festival started about 500 years ago, following the myth of a quarrel between Shiva God and his wife.

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