All Amazing Petronas Towers Facts That You Probably Don’t Know


Petronas Towers is the icons of Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, to be more specific. These two towers are now the world highest buildings and attract many tourists to come and visit this place, at least one time in life. However, most of them just want to take a picture then go shopping on the ground floor. After that, all they remember is the highest building in their trip and nothing else. So, in order to make you feel more surprised about these twin towers, here are some interesting Petronas Towers facts.

Petronas Towers or Twin Towers are an iconic of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Interesting Petronas Towers facts

1. It had an extremely huge foundation to build the towers.  The digging works started on March 1993 and these works required more than 500 truckloads each night for mining down 30 meters under the surface. Then, about 13,200 cubic meters of concrete was nonstop poured for 54 hours. They counted that there were 104 piles was formed for each tower’s foundation.

2. But they built it really fast. At the beginning, the Malaysian Government announced a deadline of 6 years to complete this project. They started from 01st April, 1994 (what a great day to announce to start something that big) and finished in 1998. It took another year to arrange and set up then it was opening on 28th Aug, 1999, 1 year earlier than the deadline. To make it happened, they hired two different construction groups for each tower and finish each floor within only 4 days.

3. Its material. As you can see, it made mostly from steel and vision glass, not count the concrete. There are nearly 77,000 sqm of vision glass on both towers and it takes about 2 months to clean all of them.

4. The height. Of course, it’s the highest twin towers in the world, but in details, they are 452 meters high and it has 88 floors for each tower. Moreover, you might want to consider the weight of them too. To estimate, each tower‘s weight is about 300,000 tones, which is equal to 165,000 cars.

With 88 floors for each tower, Petronas Towers is still the world highest twin building

5. The meaning of Petronas Towers. With the bridge connects two towers, it would stand for the M in Malaysia. But it also describes the Islamic values of harmony, constancy, unity-with-unity and wisdom.

The sky bridge is representing the M of Malaysia

6. The cost to build the Petronas Towers was 1.6 billion USD. So if you want to get up the towers for sightseeing at the sky bridge and the observation decks on the 86th floor, you will need to pay a fee. Opening from 9AM to 9PM, from Tuesday to Sunday, the ticket for international adults is around 23 USD and 8.5USD for kids. The tickets released on each day are limited so get there early to make sure you have a slot.

7. Real Spider-man on Petronas Towers. In 2009, after the trilogy Spider-man movie, there was a real Spider-man named Alain Robert. He is an urban climber and with his bare hands and no safety lines, he climbed on the top of the tower within only two hours and still stayed alive.

What to do at the Petronas Towers?

With all of these interesting Petronas Towers facts, there must be many things to do at these twin towers. For the most common things, a check-in picture with the Petronas Towers behind you is a classic one. You can do this at the bottom of the towers with a wide lens or they have arranged a popular spot from far away to capture the whole towers for you.

As a high building, the setup of light at day and night is different. It’s regular to see the tower in daylight, but at night, the appearance is totally different with electric light and its worth to seeing both.

At night, the twin towers are even more beautiful and spotted on the sky of Kuala Lumpur

For the first six floors, there are plenty of shopping stores and the sale season lasts from November to January. So you can stroll around and maybe find plenty of good deals to bring back home. Normally, clothes and electronic devices are the best sales you can find.

Especially, behind the Petronas Towers, there is a park where you can walk around, enjoy the waterfall or watching the fountain with light and music performance in the evening. This show usually starts at 20:00 on every day and last 15 minutes for each routine. The music is great with various options from classic to traditional Malay songs.

Then the main activities will be on the sky bridge and the observation deck on 86th floor. For each ticket, you will get 15 minutes at the sky bridge then another 15 minutes on the observation deck. The view is spectacular and makes you feel shocked if you are afraid of the height.

The sky bridge is a great place to capture stunning pictures of Kuala Lumpur city


Malaysia has done a great PR for their tourism in the last 3 years and they are also investing more in this field. With a signature building like the Twin Towers and many interesting Petronas Towers facts, Kuala Lumpur is a must-visit city, and you should put it on your list. So if you have a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, don’t miss this attraction and show your friends all fantastic facts that you know about it.

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