Penang Food Attraction: 4 Places Of Gastronomic Paradise

Penang, Malaysia is not only famous for beautiful natural scenery, unique culture but also charming and attractive with unique cuisine. Named Malaysia’s “food capital,” Penang has been voted as one of the top 10 most charming street food in Asia with a variety of signature dishes. If you are going to travel in Penang, read this article carefully: What to eat in Penang, where to eat delicious but cheap meals? Here is the answer for you.

The World Heritage City – George Town – the capital of Penang – is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Penang. Not only the attractions, discover attractions, George also scored in the eyes of visitors by the rich variety of cuisine, especially street food. George Town is the ancient city of the Chinese community in Malaysia; later, the adherence of the Indian community and the Armenians have made the city a perfect and amazing culinary mix.

Lost in the heart of the city, it will be hard for you – the first travelers to Penang to find the attraction of food with delicious food featured. So the street food quarters – the most popular food attractions will make you not so embarrassed when looking for the ideal destination for your meal.

1. Concentrated dining areas

The first note: the day the items are sold in the shop, but when the sun goes down, the food rattles up to make way for the smell of food, stimulates the taste and makes your stomach “flutter”.

There are many restaurants in George, but the best places to eat the cheapest is Gurney Drive. The food is Gurney Drive in George, which is home to many of the city’s most popular eateries.

  • Location: End of Persiaran Gurney beach.
  • Operation time: all day, most funny at night

The greatest advantage of the famous and unique dining area must be visited once when Penang travel is spacious and clean space, with the beachfront, crowded and bustling visitors. Moreover, Gurney Drive is located next to the beach, near Gurney Plaza; therefore, you can do many things. It is very convenient for you to eat, bathe and shop.

In particular, the food here is not only delicious but also cheap. Penang’s specialties focus all there, at a fraction of the price. You can find a lot of outstanding food that you should never miss when traveling Penang, such as Penang Laska, Koay Chiap, Kacang, grilled fish Durian, or familiar dishes that represent Sino-Indo-Singapore cuisine like Hokkien Mee, Hoi, Nasi Karda, Lor bak…

However, the downside of this food court is that Gurney Driver is located quite far from the center. Therefore, it is better to go to the Gurney Plaza for shopping and shopping first. Then go to eat at Gurney Driver. This schedule will be more reasonable and convenient: it helps you save much time and money. Getting a taxi in Penang is quite hard, so you can either walk or rent a motorbike and ride along the Persiaran Gurney coast. At the end of the road is Gurney Driver.

2. In the streets

Intersection of Kimberley Street – Cintra Street

  • Location: the intersection of Cintra Street and Kimberley Street in China Town
  • Operation time: At night

The first intersection known as the culinary paradise of Penang is the Kimberley-Cintra crossroads in China Town. This is a place having delicious, cheap food that you have to go to when traveling Penang, Malaysia. This area only works in the evening, and it is extremely busy at night.

When you come there, you will immediately be captivated by the delicious and characteristic dishes of Penang such as Char Kway Teow, roast duck, Chinese tea, fried chicken nuggets, etc. Noodle is cooked tasty that diners do not feel bored. Pasta with chicken legs have a complex aroma makes you crave. Desserts such as tea with lotus seeds, red beans, etc. are sweet and fresh. Once finishing a tour at this street, you will find that your stomach is certainly satisfied.

Cross Lorong Love Lane – Lebuh Chulia Street

  • Location: Intersection of Lorong Love Lane with Lebuh Chulia Street and Carnarvon Street
  • Operation time: At night

Just like the neighborhood, the intersection of Lorong Love Lane – Lebuh Chulia Street is also the most popular and famous dining spot in Penang. These two intersections are easily seen on the handheld travel map. They are 550m apart, walking between two points only takes 10 minutes.

Similarly, this area is only for sale in the evening. These streets are belong to the China Town, so there is a blend of Malaysian cuisine and Chinese gastronomy. As a result, you can freely choose different dishes: not only Penang specialties but also Chinese dishes such as chubby, fried noodles, chicken rice, grilled/dipped skewers, donuts and assorted types. Fruit smoothies are also served.

Like others eateries or unique eating places in Chinatown and Penang, the plus point of the intersection of Lorong Love Lane – Lebuh Chulia Street is that you can afford to pay for food. Then, you can enjoy your meal without fear of being disturbed. Moreover, you can even eat when walking on the streets if you want. That’s so interesting!

Indian Food Street

  • Location: Lebuh Queen Street, Little India
  • Operation time: all day and night

Walking to Little India, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious curries. The whole street is only 200 meters away, but it is full of food stalls, colorful drinks, typical taste at a very affordable price. Flavors are harmoniously blended in the style of both Malay, Chinese and Indian. Typical dishes are the hundreds of curries, Nasi Kandar, buttermilk, Tandoori chicken, along with donuts, skewers, etc.

Only with a few delicious, nutritious, inexpensive and extraordinary places to visit Penang, Malaysia is enough to discover and enjoy the delicious, unique and famous food in Penang. Now, just have a look at the Penang travel experience, and good food in Malaysia just for you have a perfect trip and fun then.

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