Top 5 Beautiful Beaches For Swimming In Penang

Penang is the ideal choice for many travelers who want to enjoy the natural scenery of Malaysia. Famous beaches on Penang Island always attract a steady stream of tourists throughout the year. The beaches in Penang are extremely suitable for swimming and other recreational activities.

Moreover, if you are planning to go swimming in Malaysia, the beautiful beaches in Penang are where you cannot miss. Going to the beaches here, you can enjoy swimming and participate in many fun activities, as well as festivals held annually. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the beach in Penang for swimming.

1. Batu Feringghi

Situated along the northern coast of Penang Island, Batu Ferringhi is a suburb of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. Batu Ferringhi Beach, considered one of Penang’s most popular destinations, seems to rank behind Georgetown. The highlight of this tourist attraction is the stretched, soft winding beach, smooth white sand beach along a winding road called Jalan Batu Ferringhi.

That is the ideal beach in Penang for swimming. What’s more amazing is that after swimming, you can enjoy seafood and watch the sunset, this is a memorable experience during the trip. Along the beach is a series of budget hotels, restaurants as well as lively night markets selling lots of interesting items. Besides, tourists can enjoy watersports, such as windsurfing, paragliding, or simply relaxing on the beach.

2. Tanjung Bungah

Tanjung Bungah (also known as Tanjong Bungah) is a suburb of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. The beach located on the North Coast of Penang Island between Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Tokong, and about 11 km northwest of George Town. Tanjung Bungah is known as a picturesque suburban beach destination.

Previously, this area was a fishing village quite remote, sparsely populated, lurking behind the lush green mountains. But thanks to the promotion of tourism in Malaysia, local authorities have begun to build some of the facilities as well as renovate it as a popular tourist attraction on Penang Island.

Tourists often choose Tanjung Bungah beach for swimming and playing beach volleyball, beach soccer. Notably, in June (or July), visitors can participate in Penang International Dragon Boat Festival, which is held every year.

3. Gertak Sanggul

Located in the southwestern part of Penang Island, Gertak Sanggul offers travelers a feeling of a world apart from the bustling North Shore of George Town and Batu Ferringhi. You can watch the white sand beach, swim slowly and feel the calm of the beach here. Also, travelers have the opportunity to experience the life of local people when they meet the fishermen resting peacefully on the beach or are busy selling fishes to enjoy the sound of the breaking wave’s butter. The fresh air and fresh air from the rugged hills beyond the village make this a great place to go picnic at any time of the day. That is one of the ideal beaches in Penang for swimming and relaxing.

Moreover, seafood is also a thing to attract many tourists visit this beach. HAI BOEY seafood restaurant offers a great variety of dishes and prices are extremely attractive. Guests can also enjoy romantic dinners on the beach or a tree trunk.

4. Monkey beach

One of the nicest beaches in Penang Island, Teluk Duyung, known as Monkey Beach Penang, is located in Penang National Park on the northwest coastline of Penang Island. Monkey beach is covered with a long stretch of white sandy beach which is excellent for swimming. The name of the beach named after an animal species – the Long-tailed macaque that lives around this area.

The beach takes 20 minutes ride by boat from Batu Ferringhi and 2 hour’s trekking from Telok Bahang. If you do decide to walk, there will be the sign leading you to the beach. Not only can you swim in Monkey beach, but you can also even sleep on the sand. That is a very new experience when relaxing on the sand and listening to the sound of waves.

The beach retains the pristine, natural landscape, with no resorts, and no luxury restaurants. Visitors often come here for swimming, fishing, camping, and looking for a private, romantic place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

5. Teluk Kampi

Penang National Park it is the smallest national park in the world covering just over 9 square miles. Teluk Kampi is located inside of Penang National Park is the longest beach in others the park’s nine beaches. Near from the entrance of the National Park, you can hire a boat, or you can hike the 5km yourself to the beach. The beach is very rustic, pristine, with soft white sand.

Tourists can relax by swimming or watch beautiful little birds. In particular, if you travel to Malaysia in mid-February to April, you will have the opportunity to see green turtles laying eggs at Teluk Kampi Beach. That will be a memorable trip to the Teluk Kampi Beach in Penang, where you can swim and have a good first look at turtles.

The pristine and unspoiled nature is unique to the beaches of Penang. So if you want to find a quiet place to swim, the beaches of Penang are a good choice when traveling in Malaysia.

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