Top 5 Best Beaches In Penang

Enjoying the summer holidays in Malaysia, in addition to the famous destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Genting; you can visit Penang, the island is located in the North West and is known as the Pearl of the East.

Penang is well-known as one of the most popular destinations in the region as well as in the world, which is the only island city in Malaysia. Penang is shaped like a tortoise and connected to the longest bridge in Asia and the third longest in the world by a 13.5km long ferry bridge. Penang has many beautiful beaches on the northern coast such as Tanjung Bungah, Batu Ferringhi, Teluk Bahang, etc. The five best beaches in Penang below are ideal for swimming and all kinds of water sports, promising to bring you great and endless impressions.

1. Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi is a famous town in Penang. The reason why this place became the best beach in Penang is due to its coast location. Batu Feringghi has located approximately half an hour away from Georgetown, making it the best destination in Penang after a long day of discovering colonial structures, vibrant street art, and centuries-old temples in the lively UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area builds many standard hotels and tourist resorts offering a good selection of accommodation and dining options. The long coastline along the soft, soft white sand is Batu Ferringhi’s main attraction. Visitors can reach some beach sports and water sports when traveling to one of the best beaches in Penang. On weekends, you’ll see the locals come here to picnic and go fishing. There is also a street-side night market with plenty of colorful and unique handicrafts and delicious seafood dishes.

2. Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is located on the edge of Penang National Park on the northwestern coast of Penang Island. Also known as Teluk Duyung, this remote location can be reached by Batu Ferringhi bus or a two-hour express train from Teluk Bahang by the 20-minute bus. Nearby are two small islands called Pulau Song and Pulau Coral, both of which are great spots for scuba diving and go swimming. Named after Monkey Eater, Monkey Beach is located in Penang National Park, a 2.563-hectare Park, home to many wildlife including flying squirrels, seagulls, fruit bats, otters And white sea eagle. There are many animals such as bats, flying squirrels, sea cucumbers, otters and white eagles. One other interesting thing about this place is you want to walk and explore the coast; it may take about a two-hour hike before heading back to the hotel. Thanks to its pristine sands and clear waters, the beach is perfect for those seeking privacy and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Tanjung Bungah Beach

Tanjung Bungah is located in the suburbs of Penang having miles of white sand, crystal clear water. Also accessible within half an hour of driving from Georgetown, Tanjung Bungah was originally a small fishing village hidden in lush landscaping and rocky landscapes. After years of development, it has become famous and is one of the most popular destinations in Penang, along with other popular destinations which have to visit such as the Penang Toy Museum, George Town. Underwater activities are the most popular activities in Tanjung Bungah – one of the best beaches in Penang, as Water Sports Center offers kayaks, canoes, and boats for rent at very affordable price. Tourists can also enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, beach football, and fishing.

4. Pulau Kendi Beach

Now, let’s explore the beautiful island on the south-western tip of Penang Island where you can go by boat from Gertak Sanggul.  If you like to be alone, a little isolated and want to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, you should visit this beach. Natural and unique rock formations, in many shapes, colors and sizes along the south coast, make a difference to Paul Kendi Beach. Because of its pristine waters, many reefs developed here and the best time to see them is between June and March. For those who want to go scuba diving in Pulau Kendi, you should come with an experienced diver to avoid an unwanted incident. Because this is where corals live along with so many colorful fish, it is important not to spoil the fragile ecosystem during your trip here. Besides, the best thing about this beach is that you can swim in the sea and enjoy the sun without fear of jellyfish, or reefs.

5. Pantai Teluk Kampi / Teluk Kampi Beach

When planning a summer vacation, one of the first things that we conjure in our mind is the cool windy breeze and the warm sea.  Malaysia is a place where you can have that unlimited fun and enjoyment with your friends. Teluk Kampi Beach on the south of Pantai Kerachut is quite remote from the other beaches, but it still is one of the best beaches in Penang which we want for our vacation. Enjoying a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming and bird-watching will make your vacation the best. As the Teluk Kampi Beach is very calm and quiet throughout the year, tourists also can have a relaxing experience by camping along the extensive coastline to view the sun and rise. Between the months of February and April, Teluk Kampi becomes a breeding ground for green turtles so you can see the baby turtles that have just hatched and see how they move. This place is the ideal location for you and your family where you can have some fun time swimming, basking in the sun and immersed in beautiful nature.

Since the former East was mangrove swamp forests, most of the sand beaches in Penang are located along the island’s northern coast. In other words, the north side has many beaches that are flawlessly beautiful and get you the options of exploring many sports as well as give you a chance to explore the beauty of beaches to relax. On the whole, the best beaches in Penang attracting many tourists every year are Batu Ferringhi and Tanjong Bungah. Beach resorts and high-end condominiums sprout up a lot with high-end, diversified tourism services.

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