Discover The Interesting Nightlife In Langkawi

Langkawi is located in the north of the Malacca Strait near the border between Malaysia and Thailand. The capital of the whole archipelago is Kuah which has the giant eagle statue, main streets, hotels and shopping centers.

Beautiful beaches, pristine rainforests, majestic waterfalls, rock formations in different shapes, and the forests with many wild animals… are the reasons you should visit Langkawi at least once in a lifetime. The nightlife in Langkawi also has its own attractions. Let’s explore some interesting evening activities here.

Having dinner while watching the sunset

Having dinner on the beach

It would be a mistake to go to the beach without watching the sunset, especially in Langkawi where the sunlight becomes the most splendid gown for the blue sea at sunset. The Langkawi sunset dinner cruise is a mid-afternoon ride that takes you to several remote islets while enjoying the deliciously grilled barbecue.

The cruise often departs from the port of Awana Porto Malai at 5 p.m. On the cruise, guests can enjoy soda, fruit drinks, wine and beer at the open-air bar. Some tours also give you the opportunity to soak in the “Jacuzzi” salt lake. Finally, enjoy the beautiful sunset of Langkawi, as well as the delicious dinner buffet before returning to the mainland.

The operating hour of Langkawi sunset dinner cruise is from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. The tourist can register the cruise at No. 4, Rumah Kedai, Jalan Padang Matsirat, Langkawi.

Enjoying street food at night markets in Langkawi

If you want to discover the street foods on the island, please come to Langkawi night market. The nightlife in Langkawi is quite exciting. Along the main road, a lot of seafood restaurants are available to serve for customers. There are many restaurants serving fresh seafood for guests such as Casablanca, Sawadee Thai, and Palm View…

Night markets in Langkawi

In addition, the seafood here is very good with reasonable prices even though you go to the luxurious restaurants. In the evening, take a walk on the beach, you will find quite a lot of restaurants close to each other mainly for seafood. Servers here speak three languages: English, Malaysian and Chinese, and will also serve you enthusiastically and thoughtfully.

You will really enjoy the food in the night markets in Langkawi. The food is very delicious and relatively cheap.

In addition to fresh seafood, Langkawi is also very diverse with many Muslim dishes and fast food restaurants. Visitors coming here will not be familiar with Islamic food because they do not eat by hands, not a knife and the food is often hot and spicy. Because Malaysians are Muslims, you cannot find pork on their menu, but never mind, there are many KFC and McDonald restaurants in here.

Since this island is planned for tourism and is a duty-free area, travelers can easily find popular dishes from China, Korea, Japan or European countries. You can find grilled chicken or seafood, soft drinks, homemade iced tea, fresh fruit, salads, samosas and various sweets like biscuits or pancakes … This list is endless. This is a tax-free area, so drinks on the island are very cheap especially beer.

Here are some suggested places to enjoy delicious foods in Langkawi:

  • If you like seafood, go to Orkid Rita Seafood, the largest seafood restaurant here.
  • Tomato Nasi Kandar is famous for Indian food
  • D’grill Seafood is famous for its grilled seafood and Thai cuisine.
  • The Water Garden Hawker Center serves a variety of Asian dishes during the day and becomes an attractive grilled seafood market in the evening.
  • Pak Haji Ya Nasi Ayam is the best place for visitors to enjoy local food.

Chocolate – the specialty of Malaysia

When you finish your dinner, do not forget to enjoy the Malaysian specialty – Chocolate candies with durian flavor. Chocolate is a famous dish of Langkawi with both the native and foreign origin. The price is also quite cheap, reasonable to buy as a gift. You can buy chocolate in the night market or in the Pantai Cenang supermarket.

The night market starts from 7-10pm daily, but it changes the location each night as follows: Monday in Ulu Melaka, Tuesday in Kedawang, Wednesday in Kuah Town, Thursday in Pantai Cenang, Fridays at Air Hangat, Saturday in Kuah Town and Sunday in Padang Matsirat.

Walking on the beach in Langkawi at night

After dinner, you can spend time walking along the beach. It is noted that there is no motorcycle holder in here, so you just choose a legal space and lock your vehicle. Surely no one took it. If you want peace of mind, put your motorbike in Cenang Mall’s parking.

In contrast to the bustling night market, the beach in Langkawi is quiet at night. At that time, the beach has no one and no light because the locals do not have the habit of going to the sea at night. If you like enjoying the quiet space, it is an ideal place for you. You can visit a bar and enjoy the cocktails or other specialties of the island.

Walking on the beach at night

Exploring the suburbs of Langkawi by motorbike at night

This is probably the most popular vehicle of backpackers because it is more mobile and riding a motorbike will be a more interesting experience than traveling by car. You can imagine that you are riding a motorbike on the white sandy beach on one side and the high mountains in another side. The feeling is great. Motorbike rental rates range from 20-30RM per day (4,7-7$) and most rental locations require an international driving license.

It is noted that the suburban streets of Langkawi do not have many street lights, so you maybe feel scared when going out to the suburbs at night. Do not go too late if you do not want to get lost.

Backpacking at night

Relaxing in Paradise Spa

After having dinner and walking along the beach, you can continue to enjoy the relaxing moments at Heavenly Spa.

Heavenly Spa by Westin is a place full of white sand along the rustic beach in Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa. This spa center offers top-to-toe treatments such as anti-aging facials, body treatments, foot baths as well as various massage options of Malaysia, Ayurveda, China, Turkish, Swedish and Indonesia.

Relaxing by massage services

In here, the staff will take care of your face, neck, ears, and scalp by the massage with aromatherapy oil before choosing the official treatments. Couples and just-married couples can also choose Spa by Night, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner with candles on the beach, after a special treatment at the spa. The spa opens from 9 p.m to midnight every day.

We hope that you will have a wonderful trip in Langkawi with our above information. Let’s go and experience by yourself.

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