6 Must-Things To Remember Before Traveling

Here are some essential things to check off on your travel checklist before your departure.

1. Let your family know about your schedule.


Your travel schedule shouldn’t be kept as private information, you should tell close friend and family know about it. In the case of emergency, they will at least know where to start looking for you.

They can also give you helpful information about the place you about to visit.


2. Make some copies of your passport.


Make a photocopy of your travel document, especially your passport in case of loss or theft. You can also scan and upload them on the internet so they can be downloaded and used wherever you are.


3. Don’t use your cellphone on the street.


Many have the habit of using their cell phones while they are on the street or on public transportations. In some places, this might draw attention from thefts or even bandits.


4. Travel safety.


People tend to be easier with travel safety while they are in another country even though travel accident is one of the most popular causes of death of travelers. Here are some things you should always keep in mind:

– Always wear a seatbelt.

– Don’t drive if you are not familiar with the local traffic rules.

– Always wear a helmet when riding motorbike or bicycle.


5. Emergency telephone number.


Before traveling anywhere. find the place’s emergency number (police, fire, ambulance, etc )and save them on your phone.


6. Always wear your seatbelt on the airplane.


Most people will remove their seatbelt when the seatbelt sign is off. However, especially in case of bad weather, you should only remove your seatbelt when it’s time to get off the airplane.

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