8 Most Recommended Hotels in Angork, Cambodia

Although Cambodia is not a rich country, there are still many nice hotels in sight seeing place called Angork. When you are traveling alone, the main priory would be a nice, quiet and relaxing place. Here are some of the hotels in Cambodia that receive much recommendation from tourists around the world.


1. Angkor Miracle Reflection Club

If you are planning to travel to Cambodia, this is a really nice choice to choose for staying. If you check it online, you can see there are one called Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa and one called Angkor Miracle Refection Club. They are both from the same company. The differences between them is the difference of price, the second one is charge a little bit more. But you can get a nicer view, better swimming pool and also free transportation from Hotel to Airport.

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2. Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

In this hotel, they have separated 3 different types of rooms. Those are 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. The difference between them is 3 star is inside the older building. The 4 star and 5 star is in the newer side of the building. Also, they have a special room called The Privilege Floor. People who stay there always have good reviews.

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3. Sokha Angkor Resort

Sokha Resort is the best 5 star resort in Cambodia. Although the picture make the building seem old fashioned, you can still feel the culture from this hotel. The special about this resort is all their building materials are from high level. And it is raised from a big company. Another benefit of this hotel is near the Lucky Mall, Royal Gardens, and also museum.

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4. Le Meridian Angkor Hotel

This hotel is from Le Meridian, it worth it to pay such a low price to live in a nice hotel. They have a really nice Cambodia style swimming pool. Although people think the hotel room is a little bit old fashioned, they still have place look nice near there.

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5. Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort

Sofitel is more like a European style hotel. There are many idols live here before. Also, their food from the hotel is recommended. Its not only they have amazing views. If you are planning to go walk around to the museum, night market or even the airport is not too far away.

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6. Victoria Angkor Resort & Bar

This resort is also more a foreign style. The company is not too big but as a small hotel, it is still quite comfortable. Also, people who stayed there recommend their restaurant. Even you are not staying in the hotel, you can still go there to try their food and happy hour.

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7. Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

In all these different types of hotels, only Navutu Dreams use Greek style. Their rooms are limited, that’s mean it is not a crowd place. Although the hotel is far from the other sight seeing place, you can really feel the relaxation and style from the hotel.

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8. Hotel Maison Polanka

If you are fancy for quiet place for relaxation, this would be the best option you can get. As you can see the hotel is small, there are not gonna have many tourists keep disturbing. They also have swimming pool and other things to use. And they have different types of rooms you can decide.

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