The Most Well-known Monasteries In The World

Some monasteries lonely based on the top of the mountain or floating located on the cliff for thousands years during a long history with many remarkable events.


Hanging Monastery floating located on a height of 75m is one of the most impressive travelling destinations in China with a combination building with a large space of forty hamlet rooms and the same square. Its back is closely united to the cliff since the decade 5th until now for more than 1500 years.


Taktsang monastery is the most supernatural one in Bhutan with another name is Tiger’s Nest. Located on the height of 900m, Taktsang is worshipped by Buddhism believers and Bhutan local people because it has a praising process of Mr. Padmasambhava – the Buddhism founder and the God of protecting the country.


Taung Kalat is located and built on an extinct volcano which is the typical spirit feature in Myanmar where worship 37 Gods with many woeful stories of holy ways. Indeed tourists need to get over 777 rounds of the ladder to view spectacular surrounding scenery.


Punakha Dzong is lying between two rivers named respectively Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu with a shape of isolate fortress. Moreover, it is royal palace of Bhutan until the middle of decade 20th. Punakha Dzong was born due to many targets such as to preserve area belief; to be a residence for priests; to serve Royal family management and to preserve many invaluable relics from previous King Dynasties.


Thikse – a Buddhism Tibet monastery has the same appearance with the Potala Palace in Lhasa which located on the height of 3600m in the Indus valley in India. One typical feature of Thikse is Maitreya Buhdda pagoda built to remark the visit 14th of Tenzin Gyatso in 1970


Key Gompa is Buddhism monastery of 1000 years and located on the hill-top at 4166m in Spiti valley. Keu Gompa has undergone for many ups and downs within its long history. In fact, it was destroyed by Mongolian military, burned and earthquake. Thus, this architecture looks like a fortress rather than a defensive monastery after such different transform process.


Ganden is one of the original large Buddhism monasteries in Tibet Plateau which far from Lhasa 45km on the height of 4300m and separated with outside area. During those first years of decade 20th, number of monks is 6000 people. Unfortunately, the monastery was destroyed by Red Guard and Tsongkhapa mommy was fired, Gande currently has 170 Buddhist monks and nuns.


Yumbulagang monastery was firstly built at Tipet with another name called “motherhood palace”. According to the legend, Yumbulagang was built for Tipet King then became the summer palace for Gampo Prince and Wencheng Princess. Until Tenzin Gyatso the 5th, it became the monastery of Old-Yellow Hat Sect.

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