10 mistakes people often make at the airport

From the baggage drop to the security line to the boarding gate, you will never know what’s going to disrupt your flight.

1. Not get updates from the airline

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Using carrier’s app on your smartphone is very useful, it will alert you if your flight is delayed or canceled, even before you leave for the airport.

More and more airports have developed apps that help travelers navigate the terminals with maps, lists of services, etc. One of those useful apps is GateGuru, which covers more than 200 airports and allows users to rate shops and restaurants as well as offer tips for its users.


2.Not check-in online

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Many people choose to stay in a long line at the ticket counter just to check-in. Unless you have some kind of problem that can’t be resolved, there’s no better reasonfor not checking in online. You just need to have your e-ticket, and if you don’t have any luggage to check, you can skip the counter and head straight to the security check. Some airlines only let you choose a seat when you check in; you can also do that when checking in online.


3.Not using TSA Precheck

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If you fly several times a year, you’ll want to apply for TSA Precheck. You will save a lot of time for security check at the airport. You’ll need to fill out the application and pay a $85 nonrefundable fee, then schedule an appointment at one of the more than 380 enrollment centers. That may sound a bit complicated but it lasts for five years and could help you saving a lot of time.


4. Not bringing food with you

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Food from either airport or on the airplane is usually not good. That’s the reason why you should always store some food in your carry-on luggage. Most food is allowed on airplanes, except for liquids like salad, soups, yogurt, etc. You should check which food is prohibited beforehand.


5. Wearing the wrong clothing

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You should dress not just for the comfort on the plane but also get through the security check faster. Remember not to bring anything that could set off alarms when going through the body scanner, like metal jewelry or a belt. Choose a simple footwear which you can get on and off easily.


6. Not checking bag at the gate

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You should check your carry-on at the gate to make sure there is no extra charge. Make sure the things you need on the plane can fit in a bag under your seat. This is particularly helpful if you have a connecting flight and don’t want to lug it around the airport.


7. Not playing nice

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There is always times when you need other people help. Patience and a smile to flight attendants, TSA agents, and even your fellow travelers can help you go a long way. I’ve seen overweight bags given a pass (no punitive fee), seats changed, and special favors accommodated clearly because someone asked nicely.


8. Not buying a pass to the airport lounge

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There are occasions when buying a pass to the airport lounge is a good idea. It’s quiet, have free Wi-Fi, surprisingly good food, a wide range of beverages, including liquor. Most U.S. airlines charge $50-$60 for a day pass at the airport lounge.


9. Sending personal information using the airport Wi-Fi

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Today most of the airports offer free Wi-fi for their customers. However, don’t forget that free does not mean safe. So whatever you do, don’t type in personal information: passwords, IDs, etc. using airport Wi-fi.


10. Not marking your luggage

10 mistakes people often make at the airport_10

Marking can save you a bunch of time looking for your luggage and reduce the chance your luggage get lost. You can mark your luggage with brightly colored tags with your contact info on them.


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