Top 9 mesmerized specialties of Phu Quoc Island

Herring salad, grilled sea urchin with grease and onions or Tet cake… are the specialties that the tourists should not miss when traveling to Phu Quoc.


1. Herring salad

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Herring salad is a specialty of Phu Quoc Beach, which the tourists cannot miss when coming here. You can find this dish at any restaurants on the island. A salad plate has an affordable price, from 60,000 VND to 150,000 VND (about 3 – 7 USD). Herring salad is made from the freshest fish, served with assorted vegetables and a sauce bowl with own flavor, and added a little peanut.


2. Vietnamese thick noodle soup with mackerel (Mackerel Banh Canh)

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Coming to Phu Quoc, you can easily find and enjoy the thick noodle soup with mackerel; the prices range from 25,000 VND to 35,000 VND (about 1.5 USD). The unique point of the dish is the delicious mackerel pieces, mixed with the thick noodle soup and of course the indispensable tasty broth from the tibia and minced pork.


3. Bun Ken (a kind of noodle)

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This weird-name-food is the familiar dish in Phu Quoc. The dish had a crispness of papaya and a sweet taste of fish and served with a fragrant broth. The sea fish is not the whole piece as usual which is minced, then seasoned with chili and a little coconut milk. Bun Ken prices 20,000 VND (about 1 USD). In Phu Quoc nowadays also have only two places that sell this food, a street vendor in Dinh Cau night market and a street stall of Mrs. Ut Luom.


4. Grilled Bien Mai Scallop

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Bien Mai is a kind of big scallop with the triangular shape and lives in the deep sea. Bien Mai scallop is processed into many dishes, but mostly people just use the sinew (the flesh layer connected with the shell) for processing, because its meat is quite loose. Bien Mai scallops can be processed by many ways like be cooked with porridge, grilled the whole piece with grease and onion, or the best way is filtered the sinew and grilled with cowpea. Grilled Bien Mai scallop dish is sold in many areas. If traveling Phu Quoc, you can make a trip to the island to enjoy the coral diving experience.


5. Grilled sea urchin with grease and onions

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Grilled sea urchin dish – the specialty of Phu Quoc – has a yellow color, essence from the sea, brings a taste which is different from all the usual seafood species. This dish has a greasy taste, attractive fragrant that makes the tourists just want to eat forever. If traveling with a group of people, you can sign up to catch sea urchin and enjoy their flavor immediately after catching; that would be a great experience.


6. The Rhapis Cylindric glutinous rice cakes (Tet cake “Mat Cat”)

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Tet cake in Phu Quoc is different from the other regions; the cake is wrapped in the Rhapis leaves (the leaves are used to make hats). The unique thing is that the cake is not wrapped into the round shape which is the triangular shape. The glutinous rice used to make the cakes is mixed with the water of pandan leaves and “Ngot” leaves, makes the green color of Phu Quoc Tet cakes and their flavor.


7. “Kheo” cake

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“Kheo” cake is made from flour with the diversity taste of filling such as coconut, green beans, taro,… has a sweet and low-fat flavor, and does not make the bored feeling. The cakes have various shapes, sometimes are rolled like the miniature dumplings, sometimes are the porcupine shape with spines bristling, sometimes are rectangular, spiral, and many other beautiful shapes.


8. Trom latex-Jaggery-basil seeds

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This is the name of a refreshing drink. Trom latex is filtered from the Trom tree; this dish is good for the liver, mixed with the sweetness of jaggery and eat with some basil seeds. This drink is very popular and can easily be catch everywhere in Phu Quoc.


9. Melaleuca Mushroom

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Melaleuca mushrooms often appear after the rains in the Melaleuca forests of Phu Quoc. However, this fungus is quickly withered, so people have to pick mushrooms quickly within a week after the rain. Melaleuca mushrooms are harmoniously combined with the Phu Quoc seafood such as squid, shrimp, oyster…, creating an excellent Melaleuca mushrooms soup, tasty flavor and pretty attractive. The restaurants in Phu Quoc often store mushrooms in the freezer all year round to process this unique indigenous dish.


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