Things You Need To Know About Prayer Times In Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a multiracial country with a population that currently stands at 28 million, of which approximately 60 percent are Muslims. Islam is constitutionally the country’s official religion.

Islam is an Arabic monotheistic religion based on the Quran that is believed to be the word of God by Muslims. The Philosopher Ibn Arabi (1165-1240) defined: “A Muslim is a person who has dedicated his worship exclusively to God…Islam means making one’s religion and faith God’s alone”.

Islam is based on the Five Pillars: Shahadah (testifying to God’s One-ness), Salat (daily prayer), Sawn (fast during Ramadan), Zakat (giving charity) and Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in the life-time).

Ramadan starts in July every year in Malaysia in which Muslims have to diet and pray from the morning to twilight. During this month, they must comply strictly with regulations like non-eating, non-drinking, non-smoking and so on, but just in the day time.

It is simple to tell the difference between Muslims and the other religious communities by just saying: “I certify that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet.” Nowadays, there is about 1, 2 to 1, 5 billion Muslims all over the world (accounting for approximately 20% of the world population).

Islam is a religious discipline that requires followers to perform prayer ritual many times per day. The main aim of worship is the time for Muslims to remember and communicate to God. From the sunrise to the sunset, Muslims have to look towards Mecca Sanctuary and pray five times (someone even volunteers to pray more). They consist of Fair (at least 10-15 minutes before the sun rises), Zuhr (at noon), Asr (in the afternoon), Maghrib (after the sunset) and Isha (in the evening). It does not only include in rituals like standing, lying, sitting, kneeling and mumbling but the way to perform as well.

According to the rules, it is compulsory that Muslims who are from 7 years old have to pray five times every day except for people with mental or physical illness. Women are not allowed to pray during menstruation or postpartum hemorrhage. Therefore, public places in Malaysia – including supermarkets and train stations have a prayer room designed with the area for the Muslims to clean and dress up. Particularly, women have to wear cloaks to cover their bodies.

Prayer ritual can be different a little bit between Sunni and Shia. At the end of each prayer time, Shia Muslims raise their hands three times and say “Allah hu Akbar” (God is great) while Sunni Muslims just turn to the left shoulder, say “salam” (peace).

The place for prayers must be clean. To keep a suitable distance from other people, Muslims put a scarf called “Sutra” in front of them. It is considered as a bad luck if there is a donkey, a black dog or a woman passing by while they are praying.

Have a look on the principal places to pray in Kuala Lumpur.

•    National Mosque of Malaysia

•    Masjid India

•    Masjid Bulatan Pahang

•    Masjid Bukit Aman

•    Masjid Asy-Syakirin

•    Masjid Jamek Pakistan

•    Masjid Jamek Kg Baru

•    Masjid Umar Al-Khattab

•    Masjid JamekAlam Shah

•    Masjid Jamek

•    Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As-siddiq

•    Masjid Balai Polis Dang Wangi

•    Mosque Wilayah Persekutuan

•    Surau Ad Deeniah, PusatPerubatanUniversiti Malaya

•    Masjid Al-Imam Ash-Shafie

•    Masjid Al-Bukhary

•    Masjid Ar-Rahman

•    TahfizAlKhair

•    MadrasathulGouthiyyahSurau Brickfields

•    Surau Al-Barakh

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, hopefully the above information about their culture is useful for you. Get ready for the amazing trip!

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