The Attractions Of Top Kuala Lumpur Aquariums

Kuala Lumpur is an indispensable name when it reminds people of Malaysian travel. Coming to this beautiful capital, you cannot miss some famous tourist destinations such as the towers (PETRONA Twin Towers or Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower), Chinatown, Batu Cave, the entertainment parks (the Sunway Lagoon Park or Kuala Lumpur Bird Park) … and one of the places on the list of must-see attractions is Kuala Lumpur Aquariums.

The article below will give you an overview of the two aquariums in Kuala Lumpur city center.

Aquaria KLCC (Aquaria Kuala Lumpur City Center)

  • Address: 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur City,
  • Phone: +60 3-2333 1888
  • Opening hours: 10 a.m to 8 p.m
  • Entrance fee: 50RM (nearly 12$) for adults and 40RM (more than 9$) for children under 12 years old

Aquaria KLCC

Among the top 21 attractions of Kuala Lumpur by TripAdvisor, the Aquaria KLCC (Aquaria Kuala Lumpur City Center) is located in the thriving “golden triangle” promising to give visitors a close-up view of more than 5,000 interesting marine and terrestrial creatures…

When hearing about PETRONAS Twin Towers, you will think of luxury shopping malls, luxurious restaurants and large squares dedicated to the world’s top events. However, few people know that the basement of the tower is Aquaria Kuala Lumpur City Center (Aquaria KLCC), completely separated from the prosperity of the tower above.

Aquaria KLCC

When visiting Aquaria KLCC, both adults and children are surprised by the magnificent beauty under the ocean. It is really a paradise. The aquarium is designed with a variety of new games for teenagers: watching Piranhas predatory fish, stroking salamanders and diving with sharks.
A diver in Santa Claus clothes will swim with the fish to welcome visitors to the aquarium. The Aquarium KLCC is truely a place that you should visit once in your life.

Note: You can refer to many other activities such as diving with sharks or sleeping under the sea floor (the program is only for children from 6 to 13 years old).

Blue Coral Aquarium

  • Address: GF-02, Menara Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Punchak Off Jalan P.Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur 50250, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 3-2026 2252
  • Opening hours: 9 a.m to 9.30 p.m
  • Entrance fee: 18RM (more than 4$) for adults and 15RM (about 3.5$) for children

The Blue Coral Aquarium, located at the Kuala Lumpur Tower, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia (only 5 minutes from the city center to get here) and also the second famous aquarium in Kuala Lumpur. To get inside the aquarium, you have to go to the souvenir shop with a sliding door, go to the checkout counter to confirm the ticket and then enter the door to the aquarium where there are about 25 big fish tanks.

Blue Coral Aquarium

This aquarium is relatively small compared to the Aquaria Kuala Lumpur City Center (Aquaria KLCC) but there are also a variety of fishes, corals and other marine organisms such as eels, jellyfishs, starfishs and even baby sharks as well as different species of coral fishes such as, Blueface Angelfish, Parrot Fish, Anthias Fish, Clown Fish and Orbiculate Batfish. The Blue Coral Aquarium brings you a new experience of Aqua Tropical Rainforest Aquarium: you will have the opportunities to admire the amazing marine life in Kuala Lumpur Taman Bukit Nanas rainforest.

In terms of size, the Blue Coral Aquarium is smaller than the Aquaria KLCC. However, in the Blue Coral Aquarium, there are some special colorful fishes that cannot be found in Aquaria KLCC. It is easy to see that the fishes here are cared carefully so they look very healthy and lovely.

Blue Coral Aquarium

An advantage of the Blue Coral Aquarium is the very friendly staff. Although you are not allowed to take a photograph inside the aquarium, they still let you snap a few photos without the flash. Besides, this aquarium also has some disadvantages. The space of the aquarium is quite small so it does not take a long time to visit the entire aquarium (about 30 minutes). If you go in the weekend, it is very difficult to move inside the aquarium because there are numerous visitors here. So if you have a baby, it is much better to leave the trolley outside or in your car.

In addition, the aquarium is quite dark and lacks the information about the fish (however, you can refer to this information on the Blue Coral Aquarium website before you go). In general, visitors can view the visit at the Blue Coral Aquarium as a visit to a mini zoo and the aquarium is considered as a great place for children.

We hope that the information in the article above will be useful for you. Let’s go and have the most wonderful experiences in your life!

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