Aquaria KLCC – The Ocean Paradise On Land

Considering as one of the most tempting destinations in Malaysia, Aquaria Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Aquaria KLCC) bring to its visitors a close view of over 5000 marine lifes.

Petronas Twin Towers is famous for its luxurious shopping malls, premium restaurants and a huge square fitted for holding world class events. However, the Aquaria KLCC on the twin towers’ basement is also a place you should not miss.

Aquaria KLCC can be accessed by walking downwards from the main entrance on Jalan Pinang Street. Parking is available in the outdoor car park of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. For your convenience, we recommend that you should park at Suria KLCC as there is usually a lot of parking space available there.

The aquarium is opened daily from 10.00am – 8.00pm . The admission ticket for an adult is RM69 ($16), for a child (3-12 years old) is RM 59 ($14) and for a senior citizen (60 years old and above) is RM 49($12). Entrance is free for children below three years old. A child below the age of 12 has to be accompanied by an adult.

The entire journey to Aquaria KLCC will take approximately 45 minutes. You will have opportunities to watch professional aquarists hand-feed the marine animals while learning about the significant roles that these animals play to keep their habitats in balance. Especially, do not forget to watch divers hand-feed the sharks at 2:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Aquaria KLCC also offer some very interesting and unique services such as sleeping or diving with sharks. Sleeping with sharks is the signature program for kids aged between 6-13 years old only. It is a rare opportunity for children to satisfy their curiosity to the most fearsome creature of the ocean.The fun-filled night includes feeding sessions, hands-on activities, night educational tours and last but not least, the unique experience of sleeping with the sharks. This is also an exclusive opportunity to see their nocturnal activities. The fare for this service is RM 211 ($50) per person.

If you are a certified diver, it’s a chance to meet real-life sharks face to face in a big tankwhere you’ll encounter five different species of sharks and creatures. The charge for this exciting experience is RM424 ($100) per person.

These are top five must-see areas in Aquaria KLCC

Glass tunnel

This 90-meter glass tunnel will bring you to the middle of the huge tank where you can watch many kinds of fish and sharks through the glass and feel take some awesome photos with them.

Piranha tank

Coming here, you will have an opportunity to meet the representative from Amazon mangrove – Piranha with their razor sharp teeth. This is the only aquarium that is allowed to raise and display such an aggressive fish.

Deep-sea exhibition

This area was built to bring the animals from the bottom floor of the ocean close to people. You will be surprised by big octopuses, huge rays and lots of other strange creatures.

Touch pool

You should not miss this unique area since you will not only see marine animals by your naked eyes but you can touch them as well.

‘Swimming with the sharks’area

You can test your courage by swimming along with a herd of sharks – the most fearsome predator of the ocean.


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