Kinabalu National Park Entrance Fee And All You Need To Know About This World Heritage Site


Kinabalu is National Park of Malaysia, and this park has been recognized by UNESCO is a World Heritage site. This park is the home of the tallest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu at 4,095 meters. Many tourists have come here not only to enjoy and explore the diversity of species in there but also to conquer this mountain.

Mount Kinabalu – the highest peak in Southeast Asia

Kinabalu Park is home to a various range of fauna and flora. You will find more species and see the different changes naturally when you come deeper and higher into the mountain. Close to the top, the trees are scattered and give way to stones,bushes,and wonderful views. Surround in 4.5 kilometers, there are some bigjug plants off the track, and a well-informed tour guide will know where they are.

This fauna and flora botanic paradise takes the place of 754 square kilometers. And of course, the biggest most exciting attraction in Kinabalu National Park would be the Mount Kinabalu. Please note that if you plan to climb on this mountain, this fee does not include in Kinabalu National Park entrance fee.

How much is Kinabalu National Park entrance fee?

A ticket to visit the park is RM15 (about 4 USD) for an adult and RM10 (2.5 USD) for a child. An addition of RM120 (about 30 USD) is required if you want to climb to Mount Kinabalu. The Kinabalu National Park is open daily from 07 AM to 05 PM.

How to get to Kinabalu National Park?

The Kinabalu Park entrance is easy to go from Kota Kinabalu. There are buses every morning. You can just ask around the bus station (Kota Kinabalu North Bus Terminal in Inanam, 10km away to the northeast of the city center) or where you stay like your hostel/hotel to catch these buses. Buses going to Sandakan,Ranau or Tawau will pass by the park so you can get down there.A small tip is leaving before eight. Because if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get a chance to catch a beautiful clear view of the whole mountain on the left while the bus comes close to the park. It takes about 2 hours and cost you around 4 USD per person.

Kinabalu mountain from far away

If you prefer a smaller transfer for a smooth drive, then you can get a taxi at the taxi station, close to Jalan Padang. The taxi can be shared but only departed when full, so if you are in hurry, you can pay all seven passengers to charter a minivan or wait for others. If you share, it costs only 5 USD/person/way.

In case you want a private car to control your time and your pace, there are many car hires at the Kota Kinabalu Airport. With this option, you can start whenever you want and stop on the way for more photo-shoot. This would work if you are a photographer and have a high budget. You can negotiate the price so don’t forget to bargain. Just note that in Malaysia, the drive on the left-hand side.

Kinabalu National Park with the climbing challenge

The Kinabalu National Park has another name, which is well known in local is GunungKinabalu. For many tourists, this park is famous for the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, but it’s also a paradise for botanical. The GunungKinabaluis home to the world’s leading diversity of carnivorous pitcher plant and Nepenthes, due to a collection of environments supporting sumptuous Borneo fauna and flora.

If you’re hunting for gravity-defying trials then climbing Southeast Asia’s roof is absolutely for you. The journey can be pretty exhausting, yet Sabah’s star attraction is well worth your effort.The biggest challenge is the navigation through the thick and theoretically ‘haunted’ jungle. And recently, this mountain adds on the enormous granite dome, which is reachable from the Kinabalu National Park headquarters. The center is located 88 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu, where you can pay the park entry fee, climb registration as well as guide fees. You’ll receive your lodgeand be sure to book room reservations in advance.

The map of the park with two trails for you to choose to conquer the mountain

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is a tough and heart-pounding journey. It will take about two days, and there are two paths leading up to the peak. They are the easier Timpohon Trail and the more difficultMesilau Trail. Normally, climbers begin their journey to Laban Rata at3, 273 meter-high on the first day. They will spend one night at the rest house before reaching to the top early on the next morning.

Once you’ve conquered the mountain, it’s a happy feeling but also painful. You are exhausted and your muscles are aching. But there is a Poring Hot Springs, inside the Kinabalu Park for you. This place is one of the most popular weekend excursions for locals, and it is an excellent treat for you after two days hiking.

The famous Gorilla in Kinabalu National Park

Highlights in Kinabalu National Park

  • Mount Kinabalu: The highest peak in Southeast Asia.This enormous mountain signs tourists to scale it’samazing heights. Standing at 4, 095.2 meters, GunungKinabaluoffers two paths that lead to the peak. You can choose between the Timpohon Trail, a relatively-easier route, and the Mesilau Trail, which is the tougher route for a real challenge.


  • Botanical Treasures:As mentioned before, Kinabalu National Park is home to awide range collection of Borneo botanical jewels. This park is including 26 classes of rhododendrons,1,200 classes of orchidsand the insectivorous nepenthes.

The special and unique floral system in Kinabalu Park


Kinabalu National Park entrance fee is reasonable, and this place offers a special feeling to nature so that it must be on your wish list when traveling to Malaysia. It’s a good chance for you and your partners to come closer to nature, enjoy the fresh air and treat your eyes with the stunning scene. This place is also a great place for mountain climbers so pack your backpack and ready to go now.

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