Hot Stone Massage In Kota Kinabalu – How Awesome It is!


Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of state Sabah, Malaysia. As you visit here, you will find many massage parlors. Many of them are located in the downtown and provide a variety of massage for customers, including Thai massage, Chinese massage, Kadazan-Dusun massage, Borneo massage, etc.

Amongst them, hot stone massage in Kota Kinabalu is considered as one of the most unique and effective massage therapy. It has become more and more popular over the years due to superior relaxation and various health benefits. Many tourists have been tried it, and they love this!

Hot stone massage in Kota Kinabalu is one of the most unique and effective massage therapy Via:

How Does Hot Stone Message Work?

As the name suggested, hot stones are used for this therapy. In the beginning, they’re preheated in water using a slow cooker or a massage-stone heater until reaching 120°F – 130°F. Otherwise, they might either have no effect or burn the skin. Then, the message therapist arranges them in rows on your back while you’re lying prostrate on the massage table. After that, a soft towel might be used to cover these stones.

Various shapes and sizes of stonesare arranged in row Via:

Depending on specific parts of the body, different shapes and sizes of stones will be used. For example, the stones placed on the back are usually larger than those used on the arms, and they tend to get smaller as reaching the neck. Additionally, all the stones must be flat and smooth. Otherwise, they might cause discomfort or even abrasions on the skin.

Although applying some oil on the skin before placing the stones improves the feeling of relaxation and peace, it is an option. In some cases, the therapist places a sheet or a towel before putting the stones, which helps you avoid burning your skin.

How Does Hot Stone Massage Benefit Your Health?

Ease Muscle Pains and Spasms

The heat from stones helps to relieve muscle pains and spasms effectively Via:

Heat has been used to relieve pains and spasms caused by tense muscles or stiff joints for thousands of years. In comparison with other types of massage, such as Swedish massage or aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage gives the greater effect because of the intense nature of temperature.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

According to a study conducted in 1997, doing on-site chair massage within 15 minutes helps to reduce stress much more significant than taking a 15-min break only. Another 2015 research proved that patients who endured abdominal colorectal surgery experienced less anxiety and more relaxation after receiving post-operative massage.

Enhance Blood Circulation

Before starting acting on the body with pressure, the massage therapist lets the hot stones rest on trigger points in your body for a while. This helps the heat penetrates into the tissues and blood vessels deeper, leading to enhanced blood circulation. As the circulation is improved, lactic acid will have less chance to build up in the muscles.

Promote and Improve Sleep

Massage promotes sleep for infants (

According to a 2001 research, newborns with sleep problems fall into sleepquicker after they’re received a massage by their parents for 15 minutes before bedtime. As they’re awake, they were also more active. Besides, back massage helps your sleep deeper and more restorative, though this is not completely explained why.

Ease Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Many types of massage, including hot stone massage, are proven to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis relieve the disease’s painful symptoms. In a study, participants felt less painful while achieving a greater range of motion in their wrist and upper joints after a month of massage.

Top Spa Centers to Get a Hot Stone Massage in Kota Kinabalu

Taking up a massage in Jari Jari Spa would be an unforgettable experience Via:

  • Jari Jari Spa: They offer subtle and private surroundings with 5 suites. The massage coming with herbs and oils will pamper you.
  • De Borneo Spa: They spa comprises of 14 rooms, in which 2 rooms are served only for couples to enjoy massage and therapies together.
  • Chi: Located in Shangri-La Resort, the spa brings a unique design concept offering breath-taking views.
  • Helen Beauty Reflexology: The ambiance is romantic and peaceful. Take up the traditional massage, and you will easily fall asleep during the session.
  • Kama’A Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Spa: The space is very nice and clean. The staffs are just awesome, very skillful and polite


There are a lot of interesting activities that tourists are recommended when visiting Kota Kinabalu, and getting a massage is always on this list. Just imagine that you’re enjoying a great hot stone massage in Kota Kinabalu to recuperate after a long day of trekking the Mount Kinabalu, admiring different species in Kota Kinabalu National Park and diving in the ripple beach. Awesome, right!

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