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What do your kids do in the summer? Do they play games online and watching films all the time? As smart parents, you do not want to see your children wasting their time for these types of entertaining. You might want them to play and learn something at the same time.

Furthermore, they need to have much more experience and find out their potential abilities. You can figure out the place where your kids can play and learn several great things – Sentosa Kidzania. At this time, you can arrange your busy schedule so fast and bring them in this playing center.

The general information of Kidzania

  • Address: Palawan Kidz City – 31 Beach View #01 – 01/02 Singapore 098008
  • The local hotline: 1800 653 6888
  • The international hotline: +65 6653 6888
  • Website: www.kidzania.com.sg
  • Email: share@kidzania.com.sg

Kidzania is not the newest in Sentosa as well as in Singapore, but your children can still have amazing time in this edutainment center to relax and study something new through a real mini city of adults.

At Kidzania, kids are able to take part in all of the roles – playing activities, and they can earn KidZos after ending their experience (KidZos is a reward after finishing their activities like adults are working to earn the income).

Each of the activity is suitable for kids range between four age and above. This is the place that your children can live in their inspirations. They can absolutely perform their abilities and enjoying their hobbies.

Kidzania has 7600 square meters that includes all of the facilities and it is located in Sentosa area. When taking the public transport, you need to take Sentosa Express from Vivocity to the Beach Station.

Then, you need to look up Palawan Kidz City, and you can some great activities in this area like taking lots of photos and walking around. After that, you continue to move to find Kidzania.

If you see a plane that is poking out of the building, you will know that you are arriving at Kidzania with a new world.

Some small tips to boost your experience when joining in Kidzania

Do not be late for checking – in the information

Kidzania opens at 10 AM. However, you need to get on the line to wait to have the process of checking – in before kicking off your journey. Therefore, we recommend that you should come to that place earlier (between 8.30 AM and 9.00 AM).

Book the tickets through online

You totally could buy the tickets by traditional way. However, you should forget this way in the weekends if you do not want to be exhausted to buy the tickets. Normally, there are 1500 tickets in the courier.  Instead of buying offline tickets, why do not we book the tickets via online? You also have a promotion like 10 percent discount from Maybank credit card.

Activate the debit card and use the credit card

To save your time, you should activate the debit card in the nearest bank. Moreover, you might use your credit card to withdraw the cash at ATM. At the end of the day, you can save your earning for the next trip at Kidzania.

Make Pazzport at Kidzania

If you usually come to Kidzania, you would register Pazzport at Pazzport office on the mezannie floor. By doing this, your kids become Citizen. Each Pazzport will expire to 17 years old and they can participate in other Kidzania all over the world.

Arrange your jobs before starting

There are several jobs in this place, so the best method to try activities and save your time is to make a plan beforehand. Your kids and you need to discuss and consider some job activities to attend or skip.

When checking – at Kidzania…

To come into Kidzania, you could do the check – in like what you have already done in the terminal of the airport. You need to purchase a ticket or change your online ticket in order to check all of the vital items.

After checking – in, you will receive the entrance tickets, 20 KidZos and a debit card (30 KidZos loaded). On the one hand, your kids and you must wear the watch tag for the security during their play time. Children could not be checked – out if they do not have suitable watch tag with their parents that come with them.

Playing in Kidzania

It is really simple to play in this area. Your children could totally try various jobs that will charge your kids or pay for them through KidZo. After trying all of the working activities, their earnings are able to go shopping and buy the presents. There are no limitations on the types of job which they decide to fulfill.

Because there are over 60 jobs at Kidzania, this is a challenging component you need to locate in the right areas, especially if you visit this place for the first time. Therefore, you (thêm should) grasp the map from the customer service courier to steer your way.

In the situation you get confused by the words from the employees at Kidzania, you should not be angry because they have their own language and expressions. In addition, you should prepare for the disconnection of the telecom at Kidzania. Hence, parents should pay attention to their children instead of using smartphones during their playing.

In a nutshell, Kidzania is the place to support your children to imagine their career choices in the future through participating in real activities. They can also learn some skills such as communication skills and teamwork skills. If they could come with your friends, all of them will have incredible moments in Sentosa Kidzania.

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