The Best Motorsport Race Track In Southeast Asia – Jawatan Kosong Sepang International Circuit

Malaysia is famous for its diverse culture, nature, and beautiful beaches. Besides, Malaysia also has one of the best motorsport race tracks in Southeast Asia, visitors can not only relax and explore this beautiful country but also can choose to see the Malaysian Grand Prix. As Southeast Asia’s speed paradise, Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit has become the annual destination of Formula F1 drivers and speed lovers.

Sepang is a town in southern Malaysia, about 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, where Kuala Lumpur International Airport is located and is very convenient for commuting. Sepang is also famous for the Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit, which hosts the Malaysia Grand Prix F1 and the great MotoGP. If you are a fan of speed sport, you definitely should try to make time to visit this country and enjoy the world’s top races like F1, MotorGP and Super GT here. You can also go kart racing right in the stadium complex, both the simulated F1 track and the free track. That will be a very memorable and enjoyable experience.

Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit (also called Sepang International Circuit) opened on March 9th, 1999, by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Tun. Mahathir Mohamad and is the latest race track in Malaysia, 85km from the capital of this country. Situated in a prime location, Sepang is known as the home of sports car racing with the ambition of making Malaysia a hub for local competition, and a catalyst to spark startup. The new head of the Malaysian motorsports industry.

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is designed by Hermann Tilke, the father of many famous racetracks in the world such as Shanghai, Bahrain, Turkey, etc. Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit is a track that runs in a clockwise direction and has two long straight lines at the start and before reaching the finish line. A full race is 5.54 km, and drivers will have to run a total of 56 laps of total 310,408 km. Average speed is 210 km / h, in which the longest distance can reach 330 km / h. On its 5.54 km length, Sepang has a total of 15 turns, 5 left and ten right. Because Sepang’s specifications are extremely ideal, it is the favourite race track of many speed lovers.

The F1 race will take place in 56 laps running at a top speed of over 300 km / h. Former F1 driver Juan Williams, who has a record of 1: 34,223 runners-up since 2004, has won the Mercedes-Benz Hamilton and Rosberg duel in the 2014 season. In fact, Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit has also known as the ideal venue for organizing F1 sports events such as FIM MotoGP, A1 Grand Prix, SuperGT, GP2 Asia, etc.

The podium has a total capacity of 130,000 spectators at the same time. The Main Grandstand area, the main stand, and 18 Corporate Corporates Suite units are air conditioned, accommodating 32,000 people while the K and F stands can fill up to 18,500 spectators. The double frontage is 1.3 km long and is built along the East-West line to ensure the sunshine at all times. The 5.5 km track is monitored by a camera and controlled closely by observers. Speedway has a little hospital with adequate medical facilities. So you do not miss the opportunity to see an event at the Sepang International Circuit. Ticket prices here are often cheaper compared to many other races in the world.

Coming to Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit, visitors can see the behind-the-scenes F1 tour of Pit Road, Event 3 and Qualifying Round. You will see an exciting scene in the layout of the space used by an international racecourse, the arrangement of the F1 team’s work area, the technical area of the track. Also, tourists will be watching the performances of professional meaningfully, in a snap. For example, the supercar will be replaced the wheel, lit the fuel and maintenance of detailed electrical as well as check the details carefully then continue to rush into the track.

But very first racing in Sepang MotoGP or F1 located,etc. outside the race. If you are not the speed lovers, you can still experience the exciting atmosphere here. A long row of Yamaha, Kawasaki, Repsol, and Yamaha motorcycles drive traffic from Kuala Lumpur to Sepang. Tourists can also arrange sightseeing tours down the track. Outside are booths and hot girls PG. There is not any supermarket in Kuala Lumpur that sells beer (you want to go to Chinatown at night), but you can enjoy the beer at Sepang as a beer sponsor.

Moreover, ticket prices of Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit for the F1 tour range from $ 30 to $ 694 depending on the seating position. Audiences can buy tickets directly through Sepang Circuit’s website or travel companies. Also, Malay travel companies offer a variety of F1 packages to Malaysia for 3 to 5 days at very reasonable prices. These package tours include F1 tickets, city tours, and accommodation from 3 stars or more.

Since 1999, the F1 Grand Prix in Malaysia has started, which has since become part of the racing history of the world. Jawatan kosong Sepang International Circuit is also one of the newest racecourses in the world for speed fan throughout Asia and around the world.

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