Interesting truths and some useful tips while shopping in Singapore

Singapore is not as lazy as Bangkok, as meticulous as Tokyo, as leisure as Bali, However, the moment when you arrive there, you can feel the people’s enthusiasm and friendliness with a bright smile on every face.

Singapore has a number of shopping centers, combining with low tax rates, low tariffs, which increases the amount of imports and makes the commodity prices are very competitive in Singapore. Although you may not see a market selling local cheap crafts in Singapore (in fact, most of them are not made in Singapore), but Singapore’s commodities prices in general is reasonable and the quality is excellent, which is because there are strict consumer protection laws, so price fraud is rare.

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1.      Distribution of shopping

Singapore’s main shopping complexes are distributed on Orchard Road located the north of the Singapore River, the area around government buildings and Marina square, as well as Scotts Street, where you can conveniently buy commodities of Singapore and even the entire southeast Asia, such as leather, silk, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), batik and so on.


2.      Business hours

Most of the small shops (especially shops outside the large shopping malls) at 7pm are closed. Malls usually open seven days a week, from 10:00 to 22:00. Mustafa in Little India is open all year round, 24 hours a day. In addition, among the stores near Orchard Road and Scotts Road, more than 250 shops are open until midnight on a Friday night at the end of each month. Watch out for the Great Singapore Sale which is usually held in June and July, when shopping malls will use a lot of promotions to attract customers.


3.      Shopping tips

Interesting truths and some useful tips while shopping in Singapore_2

Unionpay card in Singapore

Unionpay card can be used in Singapore, when shopping with unionpay card, you best tell the cashier the unionpay network you choose, paying with a dual-currency card you also should remind the cashier to choose unionpay network, if you can’t see the “unionpay” logo, you should take the initiative to ask the cashier when you check out.

The shops with a merlion sign

The gold merlion logo with a red background saying “quality, price, service is a promise” is issued by Singapore tourism board, which represent the price is reasonable and the quality is good in the shop. The offices of the Singapore tourism board lie in Raffles and Scotts Shopping Center, where you can get a merlion store list.


Cash register receipts are always used in a department store, shopping in a small shop, please ask owner for shopping receipt.

Guarantee of goods

The stores usually offer an international guarantee valid for one year, the customers need to get it by their own, and sometimes also need bear the additional charge. Remember to check the guarantee to assure that all the required data have been completed and sealed by the shop. Please do not accept photocopies or one without completed information.


There are two big sales seasons in Singapore every year. The first comes in 1-2month just before the Chinese New Year (different time every year), which is called the Chinese New Year Sales. And the other time is in late June to late July, which is held by the Singapore tourism board. During the two periods, not to say the small shops, the big department stores and the first-class designer boutiques are on sale. You can buy a famous brand which usually does not discount at a very low price.

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