Everything you need to know about Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Have you ever heard about Kuala Lumpur Bird Park? If not, you are at the right spot because I’m going to take you through one of the most amazing bird parks in the world. Here is the paradise of birds from all over the world which stretches 20.9 acres of land with about 3000 birds from at least 200 species

Lands of several birds with various colors


The Bird Park's history dates back from 1888 when the Lake Gardens was first established . The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park itself was published in 1991. Other attractions of the Lake Gardens include the Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur, the Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens, The National Monument and an artificial lake. The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a tourist spot not to be missed as it is the world's largest free-flight aviary.

Visitors can take long strolls along the walkway of the park while enjoying the view of birds of various colors and sizes. With every step you take, there will be birds that catch your attention. Some of the main attractions of the park are the hornbill park, the flamingo pond, the world of parrots, the egg incubation area, the bird gallery and education center. Daily activities at the Bird Park include bird shows, eagle feeding, hornbill feeding and so much more.

The colorful parrots in KL Bird Park

If you are a fan of bird-watching or a photography fanatic, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a place you would want to visit. Other than the Bird Park, there are some historical places in the area that you can visit such as the Islamic Art Museum and the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.


The park looks a bit old-fashioned, but it's cozy and the people are very friendly. After you have bought the ticket at the main entrance, you'll get a wristlet. When you go back to town, they will take it off. The park is divided into several zones to prevent chasing at each other. To prevent the birds from getting together, you have to go through several lock-gates. You can enjoy the natural and the beautiful surrounding landscapes. One of the KL Bird Park's extraordinary feature is all birds let free in the aviary which resembles the natural habit. Therefore, birds can breed naturally in this unique concept bird park. It's lovely to see the hornbills flying freely from this tree till that tree.

The friendliness of birds in the park

As some birds have sharp bills and claws, they can bite hard without warning. So please do not disturb or frighten the birds. The hornbills are not so frightened and they will wait till you have taken a picture. There's a refreshment kiosk, where you can buy an ice-cream, a drink or food for the goldfish in the pond. Bird's diets are special, wrong types of food may cause food poisoning. You may only feed the fish. Near the Hornbills are the Hornbill Souvenirs Shop and the Hornbill Restaurant & Café. It's located on the top of a hill and you have the spectacular view. From the terrace, you can see the hornbills flying.

Some of the Birds:

Flamingos, Hornbills, Parrots, Cockatoos, Storks, Pheasants, Mynahs Pigeons, Macaws, Ducks.

Coming from:

Malaysia, Australia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Tanzania, China, Holland, South America and other countries in South East Asia.

The Activities:

11.30 Hornbills Feeding

12.00 Lorries Feeding

13.00 Ostrich Feeding

14.30 Eagles Feeding

15.30 Birds Show

16.00 Milky Stork Feeding

All activities are subject to changes and weather conditions.

Opening hours of the park: 9.00 - 19.00 hours.


Visitors can get to the park via bus or train. Below are the available options to get to the park.

Take the Intrakota Bus 21C, 48C (From Kota Raya).

Take the Intrakota Bus 18, 21A (From Chow Kit).

Take the RapidKL Bus 115 (From KL Sentral).

KTM Komuter - disembark at the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, then walk to the Park or take a taxi.

Do and don’t


Food wrappings, empty cans and bottles, cigarette buds not only give an unpleasant sight to the park, but they can also be hazardous to the birds if accidentally consumed. Please keep the park clean at all times by utilizing the litter bins provided in the park.


Respect them and do not touch, disturb, throw objects or shout at them at any time.


Do not attempt to feed the birds on your own without supervision by authorized staffs.


Everything in the park is the property of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Please do not pick flowers, collect feathers, damage plants or catch the birds especially by pulling their feathers.


The pathway in some parts of the park can be slippery especially after rainfall. Please watch your steps and be extra careful when walking in the park. We also recommend that you wear proper footwear when planning to visit the park.

There is no reason to refuse such an interesting place like this, right? Land of birds and new experiences are waiting for you!

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