Insider’s Guide To Backpacking Thailand Cost

“How much money shall we need to travel to Thailand?” - one of the most popular questions made by most people recently. But we won’t know exactly since it also depends on how you travel. So today we’ll outline the specific backpacking Thailand cost to help you find some budget-friendly accommodation and food.

Through our sample prices, you’re offered the best tips for locating the cheap hostels and hotels in the land of golden pagodas as well as know where to eat out on the road or the areas geared to backpackers. Okay, so let’s see what you’ll find in our backpacking Thailand cost guide today.

1. Our First look at Thailand Cost

A closer look of Thailand currency Baht 

Thailand’s friendly culture, amazing cuisine and the spectacular beaches at the most decent prices, which all make the country one of the most worth-to-visit destinations in the world. Well, we can’t deny that aside from a few places highly marked by big crowds of foreign tourists, the land remains some areas totally off the travel routes when it’s rarely visited by travellers.

Do you need any itinerary idea to inspire you to plan the backpacking Thailand tour? Check this Thailand guidebook for reference.

Noticeably, most of the popular tourist spots in Thailand are just more expensive than any off-the-beaten-track destinations in the land. Thai Baht (THB) is Thailand’s currency and 1 USD is equivalent to 30 THB. And it’s also worth to know that there is a great deal of local variation in costs. It means spending more time in the North, you might find it as cheap as any place in Southeast Asia while Bangkok and South are just costlier.

2. Most Comfortable Backpacking Thailand Budget

Mingle with local people by your language of heart

40 USD (1450 Baht) a day is the standard norm, especially in the South of Thailand. With the amount of money, you can afford to hang out partying every night and enjoy a bit more for your excursions. Here are the basic sample prices you have to pay during the trip to Thailand:

  • Cost $18 to fly from Krabi to Bangkok within one hour and 20 minutes with Thai Lion Air
  • You’ll be charged $30 for the AC sleeper, $20 AC seat and only $9 Non-AC seat on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
  •  Pay $4 (equivalent to 150 Baht) for a dorm bed in Bangkok
  • Want to get one hour-massage (either traditional Thai massage or oil one)? Pay around $8 – 11 (equivalent to 400 Baht)
  • Enjoy Pad Thai in the cheap street stall at $1 – 2 (equivalent to 40 – 80 Baht)
  • Drink beer at cheap restaurant or bar generally costs around $2 (60 – 80 Baht)
  • The beach bungalow in Koh Phangan takes you about 200 Baht

3. Budget of Accommodation in Thailand

A view of compass backpacker’s hostel in Thailand

It’s so much easy to find a great budget of accommodation for your Thailand backpacking trip. Let’s spend a certain amount of time searching your the best options that own the most awesome reviews on the Internet to ensure yourself to stay in a friendly place.

As normal, the accommodation for a couple in the land of golden pagodas is exactly a double room equipped with a fan and occasionally a shared bathroom. Obviously, you will always have hot showers in your own rooms but breakfast won’t be often included in this budget stay. On the other hand, you can have breakfast at another higher end of the budget.

Are you excited to bundle your own accommodation yet? Let’s see more details below:

  • A dorm beds costs around $3.31 - 6.62 (equivalent to 100 - 200 THB)
  • A double room with fan goes for $6.62 - 9.93 (equivalent to 200 - 300 THB)
  • A double room with air-conditioner is often in the range of $9.93 - 16.55 (equivalent to 300 - 500 THB)
  • The next option will be the hotel-like conditions with cold air-con, fridge and sometimes the safe boxes at a price range of $19.87 - 33.11 (600 - 1000 THB) one night for a double room
  • Moderner hotels would be perfect for those who are looking to go wild, feel free to stay at the nicest rooms at $66.23 (2000 THB) every night
However, you need to be aware of taking any accommodation suggestion from a tuk tuk driver since they generally ask for extra commission from the guesthouse owners. As a tout tells that your desired accommodation is “full”, it’s necessary to call to check by yourself.

4. Simplest Food Budget In Thailand

Nam phrik long ruea (a stir-fried shrimp paste chili dip)

Owning such an outstanding tourism culture, the country is known to also cater for anyone who loves to get stuck in some authentic local foods and Western dishes at the same time. Well, you will never get too far from a street food stall or an eatery when landing on Thailand. It’s not a lie! Here is the detailed price list of best Thai and Western dishes you shouldn’t miss: 

  • An average Thai meal costs around $2.69
  • An average Western meal costs about $4.70
  • An average price of beer
    (for large Chang, 7-11 convenience store) costs  $1.34
  • An indoor Thai food restaurant with air-con costs $3.31 - 6.62 per person
  • A Japanese sushi buffet or other gourmet eateries cost $9.94 - 16.56

It’s a melting pot of different cuisines and eateries that serve the best foods from all over the world. So if you’ve got both time and great interest, just don’t miss it! Explore Thai food through various spots, from the market tours, cooking classes to the most exciting food tours. And expect you have to pay the maximum of $40 for joining a Thai cooking class or a tour.

5. Backpacking Thailand cost of transport

A local bus in Thailand

  • You can find taxis everywhere all over Bangkok with the fare that usually kickstarts at $1 (30 THB) to visit most places within the central city. And this tour won’t cost over $4.97 at all.
  • If taking an elevated train, then the MRT will be the best option which covers the major center of Bangkok. Its fare often goes around $0.66 - 1.32 (20 - 40 THB) based on the trip length.
  • The bus is another easy-to-use means of transportation you could choose to reach the desired destination. Its fares usually go from $0.22 to $0.66 based on your chosen route and the type of bus.  
  • $1 is enough for a tuk tuk ride if you want to experience the thrill, but the taxi’s cost is cheaper as long as you know how to negotiate.

In term of backpacking Thailand cost, it’s not as cheap as some other neighboring countries in the Southeast Asia. However, if you love to get a closer look and genuine experience the touristy spots, the travel cost of the country is still decent. You can choose to go to Bangkok, but it’s much better to spare more time to Chiang Mai where you could get away from the hustle of the modernity!

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