India – It Is A Heinous Crime If Wife Lives Longer Than Her Husband

They will not have a place to go or to live with defaming of people just because they live longer than their husband. Indian widows have to suffer from this depraved custom.

Many tourists feel sorry for those thin and miserable widows when they visit this country. They just wear Indian traditional white clothes from top to toe and live quietly in poor housing condition located in rural areas all the time.

According to local tradition, this is what we call the haggling for those women who “dare” to live longer than their husband. They have to live in that way to atone for their sins.

india-it-is-a-heinous-crime-if-wife-lives-longer-than-her-husband-1Those widows abandon by the community and their families. Photo by: BBC.

Almost Hindu believers consider that those women shouldn’t live a long life after their husband’s death. People consider that those women are failing in keeping their husband’s soul.

Moreover, they are not allowed to remarry another husband based on traditional thinking. They need to live all day and night in their house and take off all jewelry and wearing funeral clothes. It is not only a shame for their whole family, but also not allowed to join any religious activities in local area. They are isolated totally in the whole world.

In fact, Indian used to have cremation custom those women after their husband’s death. It is believed that those women should suicide or choose to be cremated themselves because they have no more meaning in life. Luckily, this depraved custom has been abrogated.

Those widows have even been forced to leave their home and go to other cities named Varanasi – a pilgrimage holy land and Vrindavan where takes 100km from Delhi to the South. They live in villages of widows separately for the rest of their life were built by Non-government organizations or private enterprises’ contribution.

india-it-is-a-heinous-crime-if-wife-lives-longer-than-her-husband-2Many people believe that once they step their foot on this land, they have to live the rest of their life stick to this religion. The beautiful time with their family is over. Photo by: BBC.

Many widows are totally getting lost when they come to Vrindavan because they don’t have any favor from other or any help. They live from day by day, thanks to their religion while waiting for the death lonely.

“I never think that one day I have to beg someone for a living. However, when my husband passed away since I was 54 years old, I have driven away from my family members. I had to wander on the streets and helped by a good man who gave me some money to buy a ticket to Vrindavan” – Lalita – a 72 years old woman said about her life.

“I wake up at 5am every morning. Then some of us will go to the Yamuna’s river bank to wash our face and execute Puja ceremony – a kind of early morning praying ceremony. After that, we come back to the village and sing some songs, praying for Krishna God.”, Gayatri – a widow living in the Meera Sahbagini religion village was built for 60 years ago with other 220 people said. After finished praying, they keep up with their daily works. They cook individually or in a group of 2-3 people, then eat inside a room or in the lobby of the village. Then they read religious books and pray. Creed is the only way that can help them to get over difficulties in daily life.

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