How To Get a SIM Card in Cambodia?

If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, a top tip for keeping down costs is switching to a local SIM card to take advantage of better tariffs, plans and deals to reduce your roaming rates. 

Angkor Wat – the reason for tourists to visit Cambodia

Cambodia has some good SIM card options, but the coverage can sometimes be questionable. So, whether you’re a short- or long-term traveler, you can save money by comparing your SIM card options on Back in the day, getting a SIM card in Cambodia was very difficult because you had to have a Cambodian sponsor. But those days, anyone can get a regular SIM card in Cambodia with relatively little trouble.

The Cambodian cell companies are Cellcard, Metfone, Smart, qb, Beeline, CooTel and Excell. Each brand has different levels of coverage around the country and different price packages. Making cross-network calls can be expensive and difficult, which is why Cambodians often have three or even four cell phones in hand.

Many different kinds of SIM card in Cambodia

* My recommendations:

1. Metfone

Metfone is the largest network provider in Cambodia with more than a 50% market share. The MetTravel Tariff is the best SIM card on offer for tourists, and they also offer 4G services. You can buy credit for $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and $50, which is valid for 3-2000 days depending on the amount added. You will need to call 1770 to activate the SIM card and the PIN code is 0000 until you change it. You will need to dial *197*<14-digit scratch card code># to top up, and if you want to check your balance, you will need to dial *097#.

2. Smart

Smart is the second largest provider in Cambodia and one of the cheapest. It has the best coverage in the country and was the first to introduce 4G. It’s available in all major towns and cities, including Phnom Penh. You can purchase Smart’s prepaid SIM cards for $1 from official stores. They have three prepaid plans: Super 60, which gives 60 minutes per day; Power+ which provides a bonus for each top-up; and Xtra Long, which is valid for 6 months. You can purchase Smart credit for $1-$50, which is valid for 8 to 200 days depending on the amount you choose. You will need to dial *888*<13-digit PIN code># to top up and *888# to check your balance.

For night users (1am-5am), there are two discount packages available, which are valid for 1 month:

• 1 GB for $0.10: Text *087*11# to activate

• 5 GB for $0.40: Text *087*55# to activate

There are two tourist SIM cards available:

• 10 Smart minutes, 10 Smart texts and 10 MB of data (2G and 3G only), valid for 3 days and available at no charge

• 10 Smart minutes, 10 Smart texts, a $5 credit and 1.5 GB of data, valid for 40 days for $5

3. Cellcard

Most customers choose pre-paid Cellcard plans due to their English-speaking staff and cheap data packages. International long-distance calls rates are currently 7 cents per minute and there are promotions for overseas calls for as low as 4 cents per minute. You can purchase credit for $1, $2, $5, $10, and $50, which is valid for 8-180 days depending on the amount you purchase. You will need to dial *123*<14-digit PIN code># to purchase credit and if you want to check your balance, you will need to dial #823#.

Cellcard is a popular pre-paid SIM card in Cambodia


You can buy SIM cards at any of the phone shops in Cambodia, but it’s best to get them directly from the mobile company. If you lose your phone, you can easily get a replacement SIM if your passport has been registered. If not, you’re out of luck. Additionally, phone shops charge a large markup on SIM cards which cost $2 at the carrier office and $10 at a shop. To purchase a SIM card, just bring a passport with a valid visa to the office. You’ll be offered a variety of cards starting at around $2.

Hopefully, the above information about Cambodia SIM card will be useful for your trip!

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