Handbook for flying with kids on airplane

Book for flights during the day, “bribe” with sweets, …. are ways to keep your children controlled on the flight without disturbing other passengers.

Every flight is different: Each time your kids fly, they are a bit older and in a different stage. You can’t just assume that this time will be the same as last time, keep these two words in mind: safety and sanity.

Book flights during the day: You might think that this is a bad idea because your children may sleep during flight at night. The truth is that the worst thing can happen is that they will stay awake and disturb the sleeping passengers.

If possible, get a mobile seat for your child: Older children are familiar with strap seat while babies can still sleep when wrapped with blankets.

Organize your luggage: Pack your children things in a small bag, and then pack that bag into a suitcase. When you arrive at your destination, just pull out that bag and get what you need.

Your carry-on luggage: You should get big and light-weighted with zipper and multiple compartments. Older kids can carry his own small bag or roll a small suitcase.

Handbook for flying with kids on airplane_1This cute baby can become a nightmare if you are not prepared

Drink a cup of coffe: It will help your patience when traveling with kids. Flights with kids are not the time for reading good books or listening to a new album anymore.

“Bribe” your kids: Prepare some snack for your kids to keep them in their seats before the takeoff.

Try to make the flight become a fun game: Play games with your kids along the way to keep them entertained during the whole flight. You can even have fun with some disposable cups and utensils.

Bathroom time: At the airport, let your kid go to the bathroom so they won’t need to go when you are in line.

Come early: Go to the gate right after security check so you would know if there is a gate change.

Use your devices: Bring an Ipad, mobile charger, and headphones, you are likely to need them.


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