Scuba-Diving In Halong Bay – It’s Worthy To Take A Try!

Being recognized as the Natural Wonder of the world by UNESCO, Halong Bay is among the worth-visiting landscapes in Vietnam for tourists, both domestic and international, who love discovering works of the Mother Nature. For those who love discovery, scuba-diving will be a favorite activity in Halong Bay which tourists will have a chance to see the wonderful underwater world of Halong by their all eyes.

Halong Bay- The Natural Wonder of the world

Halong Bay is a spectacular location for sightseeing in Vietnam. Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, it forms an amazing seascape of limestone pillars along with more than 1,600 islands and islets. Travelers coming to Halong Bay will enjoy not only the boat trip, sea kayaking but also experience this place as a must-see for underwater lovers. The sea here is generally less than 10 meters (33feet) deep and boasts a rich biodiversity of about 1,000 species of marine animals. Over 160 species of coral have been identified whereas coral reefs make up 30% of the seabed and as much as 80% in some areas. Most of them are at a depth of 4-6 meters.

Admiring marine life by scuba-diving

Halong Bay might be most beautiful during summer, yet sometimes it has heavy rains or even sea storms. In the autumn, the weather is ideal for vacations and holiday. Besides, the temperature is low in winter and it often gets foggy and wet in the spring. That is definitely not good for travelling or visiting the sites as well as taking photos. The time from April to December is the most wonderful period for travelers to join scuba diving. The temperature of water at this time is from 26-29 degrees.

Scuba-diving can provide for travelers an opportunity to explore hidden beauty underwater with thousands of stunning coral and fish like cuttlefish, scorpion fish, lionfish, moray eels, needlefish, paper fish, parrotfish, rockfish and trumpet fish. With internationally-licensed, well-trained scuba divers and assistants, amenities with friendly and attentive management, the safety of tourists will always be guaranteed.

When tourists snorkel underwater in Halong Bay, they will be provided with useful equipment such as a mask, fins, a snorkel, a cylinder, an exposure suite, a compass and a regulator. All facilities are regularly checked to make sure that they match safety standard.

Colorful underwater species in Halong Bay

There are a number of techniques to increase the diver’s ability to dive deeper and longer:

  • Technical diving – diving deeper than 40 meters (130 ft), using mixed gases, and entering overhead environments (caves or wrecks).
  • Surface supplied diving – use of umbilical gas supply and diving helmets.
  • Saturation diving – long-term use of underwater habitats under pressure and a gradual release of pressure over several days in a decompression chamber at the end of a dive.

Some advice for diving in Ha Long Bay:

  • Being in a good health condition.
  • Not diving when you are too hungry or too full. The most suitable time is 1 hour after having meals.
  • Doing exercises before diving
  • Complying with the regulations of guides and never dive alone.
  • Swimming slowly to admire the underwater beauty.
  • Not drinking before diving to avoid accidents.
  • When getting out of water, closing your mouth and ears, breathing gently by noses at the same time to reduce the pressure.
  • Registering a diving tour to guarantee the safety is highly recommended ($14/ person).
  • Choosing the most suitable time to avoid bad weather.

Nice weather, beautiful scenes and interesting activities! So what else can prevent you from coming to dive in Halong Bay right now?

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