A comprehensive guild to Da Nang, Vietnam (Part 1)


Vietnam, located in the east part of Indo-China Peninsula, borders China in the north, and Laos and Cambodia in the west. Due to the long shape of the land, there are different customs and cultures between the north and the south of this country. Not only can you enjoy the stunning view of the mountain, you could also relax on the beach. There are many cheap and yet fresh agricultural products as well as seafood.

A comprehensive guild to Da Nang, Vietnam (Part 1)_1

Located in the middle area of Vietnam, Da Nang borders Nha Trang in the south. The shape of the bay is of U shaped. The bay is quite big and the water is deep. Hence it is one of the most important ports in Vietnam. It has been listed as 50 Places You Must Visit in Your Life by American National Geographic. It is a great combination of the modern civilization and the nature. In addition, it is one of the 6 world most famous beaches that have attracted numerous tourists from all over the world.


Best time to travel

The average temperature of Da Nang is around 25 degrees Celsius. The period between January and July is the dry season with less rain; during which, it is recommended to visit Da Nang between February and May when there is a mild climate. There is a tourist peak between June and August and the commodity price would be increased during this time.


Living cost (estimated)

Compared with other cities in Vietnam, the living cost here is not cheap since the entire tourism vacation system has already been established. In terms of meals, a cup of yogurt costs around 6 k dong, and the noodle costs around 30 k dong. Crab costs 600 k per kg; lobster 1200 k ~ 1800 k per kg. As for accommodation, the 5-star hotel nearby the sea starts at 4128 k dong; economy hotel costs around 310 k dong (including the breakfast).


Scenic Spots Brief Introduction

Hoi An Old town, located in the middle area of Vietnam, is 30 miles away from Da Nang. It has been listed into World Heritage List by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. Hoi An seems to be an ancient Chinese town since there are many Chinese style buildings here. although the water trading here has a history of hundreds of years, it is still used today. The patterns and layouts of buildings here combine the elegance of Chinese buildings and local characteristics.

A comprehensive guild to Da Nang, Vietnam (Part 1)_2

There is a quite famous street where all restaurants on this street sell seafood. There is no need to worry about the overpriced commodity since the price is roughly the same among those restaurants. Along with the local special seasonings and cold beers, the experience is unique here.

A comprehensive guild to Da Nang, Vietnam (Part 1)_3

There is a Linh Ung Pagoda Temple located on the top of the Nui Son Tra Mountain. In this temple, there is a figure of the goddess of mercy and it is 67 meters’ high. You can see this figure at almost everywhere in Da Nang City. It is the highest figure of the goddess of mercy in Vietnam.

A comprehensive guild to Da Nang, Vietnam (Part 1)_4

More information about Da Nang would be introduced in the next article.


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