Gardens By The Bay – An Awesome Playground For Your Kids At Weekend


Everyone likes the Gardens By The Bay because of its stunning view and gorgeous theme. Recently, with the opening of Far East Organization Children’s Garden, it could be a choice for your family to have a place to go at the weekend.

This new complex is designed especially for kids with two main groups: around 5 years old and about 12 years old. It is meant to encourage the kids to be more active and stay away from electronic devices while engaging in the natural environment.

They have inside several playgrounds to match with each group. There are 5 main areas for kids to play, with one of the most interesting but safe for your kids is the Gardens By The Bay Water Park.

5 play areas in Gardens by the bay for your kids

Adventure Trail

Covering a half of place around the Children’s Garden, the Adventure Trail starts right behind the entering gate to the Children’s Garden. This place lies on a hill which rises and slopes the runs along a semi-circle outside the new complex.

The challenging structure for your kids to play at the Adventure Trails

With fig trees surrounding, your kids will experience a “real” trekking through fig topiaries that make a shelter that rebounds the shape of the contiguous Cloud Forest’s dome. Inside this area, there are also playing constructions like grasshopper string stepping mats, a copy tunnel or spider net and so much more to challenge your kids.

Tree houses

All children love to live in a tree house. And they have two big tree houses at the end of the Adventure Trail. They have two different heights for more flexible, ones at 4 meters tall and the other at 7.5 meters. Your kids can come inside by a timbre and robe bride or climb on the ladder below.

Entrance to dreaming tree house of every kid

These tree houses are connected with the Adventure Trail so your kids can easy switch between them. There is also a small hammock bỏ inside the tree house and a quick escape via dangling rope carriers to slide from the top of the tree house.

Toddler Play Ground

If you worry that your kids are too small, the adventure trail and tree houses might be too difficult; then your toddler can head to the Toddler Play Ground. In this place, your little sweetheart can increase their skills and confidence on a balancing game, fluctuating bridge, seesaw and under a warm topiary fence.

The thoughtful playground for small toddlers

Gardens by the bay water park

It’s not that big to be considered as a water park, but this water playground is the main core of the Children’s Garden. Located in the center of the whole area, the water playground has installed many water streams from the spinning splines. If you pay attention, they have designed on purpose, to look like leaves, which make a forest of stems.

The most interesting are in the gardens – the water playground

This plantation of water dances along to acquainted tunes and song, such as “Hakuna Matata” and “Under the Sea”. Orchid-shaped stacks move following the rhythmic beat of the music, generating wallow zones lower while water beams create wet corridors that make your little kids want to try a dash under them.

Fish Fountain

It is a special place in the water playground for 2-to-5-year-old kids. 17 fish sculptures are dubbed the Fish Fountain, which have water beam spitting out from their mouths. By this way, your children can have fun among these fishes while you can easily look after them from a line of chairs around the area. How thoughtfully the designer can think of!

A creative and entertaining area for your little love runs around with safety

Also, they have built changing facilities, like toilets and an outdoor shower to help parents cleaning up their kids after this. The lockers are also nearby and available for rent.

A cozy garden café for extra support

Besides 5 active and interesting playgrounds, there is a lovely café inside to help you buying water, some hot meals or simply an ice cream for your kids during the game. It’s also a place to rest and relax before you come back home.

Open and closing time

This place is follows Garden By The Way’s time, which will open from 09 AM to 09 PM. It’s also closed on Monday and have an extra closed day if Monday falls on the Public holiday.

Gardens By The Bay, especially with the water park, is further than a playground with flora and greenery around. This place is designed with the passion for making an excellent and friendly complex of structures and nature for your kids.

Indeed, in your kids’ eyes, the Gardens by the bay water park is more like a magical place for them to explore and make some adventures, right in the city. So go ahead for a fun and salutary weekend with your family and create tons of great memories together.

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