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Talking about Singapore, in addition to the well-known destinations such as the Merlion Sea Lion Park, the Esplanade Theater, or Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay is a unique attraction that cannot be ignored. With an area of over 100 hectares, the garden is part of the Singapore government’s strategy to make Singapore become a “city of greenery.”

Tourists are surprised and impressed by the magnificent architecture as well as diverse flora by the future-oriented park. In this article, you can find all reviews about Gardens by the Bay that you may not know about.

1.  Some First Notes about Gardens by the Bay

Spreading over 101 hectares, this award-winning green destination is home to more than 250,000 species of thriving plants and is only a 5-minute walk from the city center. The Gardens by the Bay has 3 gardens: Central Bay Garden, East Bay Garden, and South Bay Garden. From the road alongside the bay, you can enjoy the stunning views of Marina Bay. This place is suitable for a walk in the evening and picnic with families.

Gardens By The Bay is a strategic move in planning to transform Singapore from a “garden city” into a “city in gardens” with the aim of balancing the ecological system and improving the quality of trees in the city. The Gardens by the Bay has dome-shaped buildings. Inside are the plants of Turkey, European and Australia.

Gardens by the Bay is opened from 5:00 am to 2:00 pm and has free admission. Air-conditioned greenhouses and bridges were built to connect the Supertrees, allow visitors to walk between them and enjoy the panoramic view of the garden above.

In the garden, there are 18 tall vertical trees, each has a height of 25 to 50 meters and is decorated with tropical flowers and ferns surrounding the steel frame. The canopy will absorb the heat and bring cool air.

Gardens by the Bay – One of the most spectacular architectures in the world

2. Main Gardens

  • Central Bay Garden

A bridge between the south and east sections of the area is about 15 hectares. According to Gardens by the Bay review, it has a width of 1.9 km, being placed nearby a waterfall of 3km from the center of the city and stretching to the east to create a beautiful view.

Central Bay Garden

  • East Bay Garden

It is a unique combination of beautiful verandas, lush lawns, tropical palm trees and natural flowers, perfect for an evening of walking or picnicking with your family and friends. Take a 2 km walk along the coastline; you will be able to admire the beautiful skyline.

  • South Bay Garden

The largest seaside garden is where you will see the impressive Super Trees. This 16-floor garden is where stored rainwater that generates solar energy and acts as a ventilator for the park’s greenhouse. The 128m long walkway between the two super trees, the OCBC Skyway, is perfect for walking at any time, allowing you to enjoy the view of the entire garden and the view of Marina Bay from above.

3. Glass House

It consists of two areas, Flower Field Hall, and Cloud Forest, of which about 1 hectare large is located along Marina River. The greenhouse construction is unique as it does not require the support of giant pillars and rainwater is stored for transmission into the cooling system connected to the super trees.

Grass House

  • Flower Dome

It is cooler than the outside, recreating drier climates such as California and the Mediterranean. In this huge greenhouse, you will find a journey around the world, with Baobabs from Africa, olive trees from Spain, Kangaroo from Australia. Inside the Flower Field Hall, you will also find Pollen, a Mediterranean restaurant that serves food made of herbs and vegetables grown in a greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse are 7 small gardens with different plants such as olives and typical flowers of this climate.

  • Cloud Forest Dome

It is the place to recreate the humid climate in the area of 1000m to 3000 meters above sea level such as Southeast Asia, Central and South America. At the second glasshouse, there is a Crystal Mountain at 42m, you can go up here by elevator and down with a trail leading to a fresh waterfall 35m high. This mountain is a complex structure of habitats for ferns, orchids and bromeliads.

4. Supertrees

This is the symbol and image that many visitors come to know when talking about Gardens by the Bay.  On Gardens by the Bay review, many visitors have been impressed the most by the height of 25m to 50m of Supertrees, which has sustainable function of capturing the sun and glowing at night.

The giant trees are covered with reinforced concrete, along with thousands of steel frames that make up the surrounding branches. These super plants shine at night thanks to the light of art, the color change in minutes and the rhythm of the melodious music. Garden Rhapsody show begins at 19h45p – 20h45p every day.


You can experience trekking on the tall trees or use the elevator system in the trunk to get to the Skywalk Bridge 22m above the ground. This walking bridge connects six super trees together. From the Skyway walkway, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the garden from above and the city.

The surrounding garden is designed in the Japanese style. The heritage is divided into four areas inspired by the diverse culture of the three Singapore’s main ethnic groups, which are China, Malaysia and India as well as the old colonial rule.

It will take hours to visit the theme gardens and admire the flowers from various climates.

5. Children’s Garden

One of the new features of Gardens by the Bay was opened on January 24, 2014. Our Garden by the Bay review will recommend families with children from 5 to 12 years old to enjoy exciting activities here like a tree house, adventure trail, and suspension bridge.

Children’s Garden

The Gardens by the Bays is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s high street or high-rise buildings. Moreover, Super Trees, Cloud Forest, and Flower Field Hall have brought plants to our daily life in the way you have never seen it before. Hopefully, Garden by the Bay review will give you the helpful insights about one of the common symbols of Singapore to prepare for your trip to explore this beautiful country.


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