Top 6 Things To Do In Gardens By The Bay Children’s Park

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Gardens by the Bay is a garden and entertainment complex located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, or we should say, the heart of the city. It is rated as the number one attraction is Singapore on TripAdvisor and in the top 20 of the most check-in places on Facebook. The garden contains more than 1,000,000 plants which are set and taken care of by a professional gardening staff.

Top 6 things to do in Gardens by the Bay children’s park

Gardens by the Bay in one of the most tourists attracting destination in Singapore. It’s also a kids-friendly place since they provide a large park with amenities serving children only. Inside the garden, we can easily find a splendid playground for children. Gardens by the Bay children’s park is a perfect choice for your family on the weekend. The articles will do the task of introducing top 6 great activities you should let your kids try in Gardens by the Bay – children’s park.

1. Water Play Area

An amazing playground for your kids

When bringing your kids to Gardens by the Bay, make sure to include their swimsuits in your bag. Water Play Area is reported as the most prominent part of the entertainment complex.

Water Play Area consists of a large yard in which many colorful lotus showers stand. Your children will be overwhelmed by the Water Park and play gleefully in the water for a long time. The area is designed for children from 6 to 12 years old, so you’d better not let your younger kids run inside by themselves.

My boy has such fun times playing in Water Play Area, but he also said that it’s hard to see around because there is so much water blocking his vision. Considering the amount of water, I think the ground maybe a bit slippery, which can cause your children some troubles.

2. Fish Fountain

Fish Fountains in Children’s Park

If you cannot rest assured while your children are playing in the Water Play Area, lead them to the Fish Fountains. The area is a better choice for kids from 2 to 5 years old.

To be honest, there is not so much excitement in this part of Gardens by the Bay Children’s Park. This is just a groups of stone fish shooting water out from their mouth. You kids may climb onto the back of those fish, pretend to ride them and try to catch water shot out into plastic cups or other toys.

Don’t forget taking pictures of your kids on the back of the stone fish. I have caught some precious moment of my innocent children there. They are just adorable!

3. Adventure Trail

A lot of challenges for our little heroes

Your family is not a big fan of water parks? Ok, let’s move on to the Adventure Trail. It stands right next to the Water Play Area and is also designed for children from 6 to 12.

The Adventure Trail has many kinds of challenges for your energetic children to conquer. Playing in the Adventure Trail of Gardens by the Bay Children’s Park will help enhance your kids’ motor skill, get them to burn energy and laugh a lot.

My kids were so absorbed into going through the challenges over and over again. You should keep an eye on your children while they’re playing. Although most of the games there are safe for kids, we parents cannot stay assured all the time.

4. The Treehouse

Lead your kids into an adventure

After having a good time on the trail, you should go across a bridge nearby and get to the Treehouse. The Treehouse of Gardens by the Bay Children’s Park is a sand-based playground created for children from 6 to 12.

The big treehouse stands in the middle of the playground. Your kids can try to climb to the house via a web of ropes or the stairs. You do not have to stand beside to help them because the task is not as difficult as it may seem. Let your precious ones take that challenge, and they will earn funny memories from it.

5. Toddler Play

Don’t worry if your kids are too young for the activities below. Gardens by the Bay Children’s Park offer a toddler playground for our babies from 1 to 5.

The playground consists of games such as rocking horses, adventure courses, and a little hedge tunnel. Your kids will surely have a great time running through the tunnel and laughing a lot.

6. Children’s Garden Cafeteria

After so much time running and playing, surely your children are hungry and thirsty. Let’s grab some tasty food and drink at the Children’s Garden Cafeteria. The price here is quite favorable, only $1.5-$2 for a cold drink, $2 for a cup of hot tea and $2.5 for a hot latte. Prices for food come around $3-5. Children love fast food, don’t they?

The cafeteria lies right beside the Toddler Play area. It’s decorated colorfully for your children’s liking. Make sure you bring a camera to take some adorable photos of your kids in the unique, beautiful café.


Gardens by the Bay Children’s Park opens on weekends and weekdays, except for Mondays. You’d better remember it not to let your kids down. Don’t forget to bring swimsuits for your kids and diapers for toddlers, in case there are too occupied with playing and forget their needs. The park has an open shower for little kids, and lockers available at the price of $2 per locker. Toilets can be found scattered around the play areas.

Bringing your kids to the park means a lot more than just get them entertaining time. You will have some quality family time here and let your children stay close to nature. Don’t forget to point out the beauty of plants for them while you are in one of the most splendid gardens in the world.

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