8 Foods In Thailand For The Most Dauntless People

Thailand in the last decade has been known as one of the best tourism nations in Asia. However, similar to many other countries, besides the beautiful landscapes and delicious food, Thailand also has certain things which frighten most of tourists, including strange foods. Below is the list of some foods and drinks in Thailand which are only for the bravest persons, other people could be shocked right at the moment they see those “Thais specialties”.

1. Elephant dung coffee

If you really really want to try this kind of coffee, you better not witness the process of making it. Elephants are fed with Arabica coffee beans of Thailand, and then their dung will be gathered, filtered and processed into drinkable coffee. For many people, this kind of coffee is considered to have high quality and perfect taste. However, not anyone could accept the facts behind its production.

2. Fried spider

Most of you must be panic at first and hesitate to try this food. The appearance of fired spider, which looks not so different from its living form, could frighten even the toughest people. However, the flavors of this food, according to many tourists, are fat and sweet. Many people in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, even consider spider as a kind of nature viagra. This thought has not yet been justified by scientists.

In the case you “accidently fall in love” with this food, don’t ever try making it at home. The poison could be very dangerous.

3. Fried worm and insect

Despite the “disgusting” appearance, the nutrition provided by worm and insect could not be denied. Moreover, the flavors are also fat, sweet and tasty for many people. If a food is nutritious and delicious, why don’t you at least give it a try?

4. Bat

Many people get goosebumps even when just hearing the name of this animal. Not only having the evil appearance, bats also can suck the blood of people, and the most terrible thing: they can fly. However, these devils become food in Thailand. Bat is also an effective ingredient in Eastern medical treatment.

5. Jumping shrimp

Just like its name, this dish serves with living shrimps which has been processed with ingredients before. Its official name is Goong Ten. For some people, this is a delicious and interesting food. How about you? Would you dare eating something which is jumping on your plate?

6. LarbLeauatNeua

For a long time, this dish has been considered to be one of the most suitable accompanying foods with beer in Thailand. It consists of thinly sliced beef mixed with mint leaves. Some fresh beef blood is poured on the top. This food could be a nightmare for anyone who is afraid of blood.

7. Som Tam Hoy Dong

Not anyone has the braveness to try this food. It is made of salad mixed with fermented scallops and poured with the soup which has the red color like blood.

8. GaengSataw

This food is extremely nutritious. However, trying this is a huge challenge for anyone. The smell of rotting bean is so terrible so many people even want to just stay away from it.

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