The Most Fancy And Delicious Specialties In China

Besides the well-known dishes such as Peking Duck, Char Siu dumplings …, tourists should not miss the opportunity to taste the stinky tofu, the century eggs or the Dongpo pork.


To make the Scallion pancake (Cong You Bing), the fresh green onions are finely chopped and put into the flatbread then baked. Photo: The350degreeoven.


The combination of the tender meat and the crispy skin makes the Peking duck is one of the most delicious specialties of this land. You can wrap the duck in the girdle-cake with green onions, cucumber and eat with hoisin sauce. Photo: Huffingtonpost.


Named after Su Dongpo, a poet, a famous painter of China, Dongpo pork is made from the braised and fried bacon. This dish has the greasy flavor, tender and suitable to be served with white rice. Photo: Business Insider.


If you like spicy foods then should try the dish La Zi Ji (literally “Spicy chicken”), a dish of the Sichuan region. This dish includes small sliced chicken breasts then is stir-fried with pepper, chili, and sesame. Photo: Nycsliceofrice.


Rou Jia Mo is the Chinese burger version with the shredded meats are sandwiched between the dumpling crust. This sidewalk dish is originated from Shaanxi province but quickly spread out the whole country. Photo: Westword.


Xiaolongbao is the specialty of Shanghai with the filling is made from pork or crab and served with the tasty broth. When eating this dish, you should bite a corner of the cake first, so the broth can go through and flow away, to avoid burning your tongue. Photo: Bamboobasket.


The Zha Jiang Mian dish using the fermented soy sauce which is sprinkled on the stir-fried noodles with meat. The recipe for this dish varies in each region. Photo: Business Insider.


Char siu dumpling is originated from Guangdong region, includes the grilled pork which is marinated with the sweet sauce and stuffed into the dumpling crust. Photo: Business Insider.


Mapo tofu dish is the specialty of Sichuan. Tofu is cut into cubes, stir-fried with pork, shacha sauce, black pepper and served with rice. Photo: Splendidtable.


With the shape looks like a white cocoon, Dragon’s beard candy is mainly made from malt and sugar, then added peanuts, sesame, and coconut. Photo: Wanderfong.


Congee is a popular dish in China; the rice is cooked until condensed. Congee is usually served with meats, century eggs, fresh onions, youtiao, … Photo: Business Insider.


Youtiao (also known as the Chinese cruller) is made from fried flour, usually served with congee. This dish appears on the streets in almost regions of China. Photo: Business Insider.


Century egg or thousand-year-old egg is the specialty which is originated from Hunan Province. The eggs such as quail eggs, chicken eggs or duck eggs are covered up by a layer of clay combined with ash, salt, lemon and rice hulls, and have been left for several weeks or months. This process makes the eggs change color and has a unique taste. Photo: Business Insider.


Shumai is the breakfast dish with the tender crust and the abundant filling. You can enjoy all kinds of shumai from shrimp shumai, crab shumai, shumai with meats or vegetables. Photo: Dreamsofdashi.


The stir-fried green beans in Sichuan style includes toasted beans, then be fried with pepper, onion, ginger, garlic and mustard root. Photo: Seriouseats.


Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, is a great place to try Liang Pi – the cold noodles served with meat and vegetables. The long and large noodles are made from wheat or rice flour. Photo: Xianfoods.


Zongzi is the glutinous rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, with the sweet or savory filling, very popular in China. Photo: Business Insider.


The sweet and sour pork dish is made from pork in the right way will have the crispness outside and the softness inside, with the sweet and sour taste. Photo: Business Insider.


Guo tie is a combination of Wonton and Fried dumplings. The filling is shrimp, pork or beef mixed with cabbage, ginger, and boiled onions, then stir-fried until appearing a golden brown and crispy surface. Photo: Brunchnbites.


Stinky tofu is a famous sidewalk dish of Shanghai. Tofu is fermented, then fried, steamed, baked or stewed, served with vegetables, meat and chili. Photo: Foodiehub.

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