10 Facts About The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China is one of the most beautiful and celebrated achievement wonders in the world. Most of the people completely know that the wall is large, famous and ancient thorough the history. Nonetheless, there are some facts we might not deeply clear about The Great Wall. In this article, you will find out 10 facts about The Great Wall Of China.

1. The structures of the walls

We might think that the structures of the wall are uninterrupted and long. However, this heritage actually were made from 20,000 – kilometer network of the structure of the wall spreading between the ancient border in the northern and the Imperial Chinese.

2. The natural materials were used

When you see The Great Wall, you may think that the materials of making these walls are superb. Nonetheless, the walls are made from normal materials like glutinous rice to connect other mortar recipes in each small wall. Latest studies pointed out that sticky rice is one of the best cohesive and durable ingredients because it has the amylopectin substance.

3. Workers constructed in the walls

You may be surprised that most of the constructors built the Great Wall were criminals. The authorities of The Qin Dynasty punished bad persons by treating them to build this construction. To recognize these criminals, they must have black colors in their faces, shave their hairs. On the one hand, their hands and legs were chained. For those who did not pay the tax regulations or be murdered, they would be punished by working on this large construction as bad criminals. They could pass away from the Wall construction because the working condition was too dangerous and nasty.

4. People have amplified the wonder from the space

An England scholar – William Stukeley noted his ideas in the Family Memoirs that people could observe The Great Wall from the space. Neil Armstrong also affirmed that The Great Wall is visible in the space. Likely watching the moon, we can enjoy this wonder from space. However, we are able to discover this great thing from a low orbit, the sunlight and the weather allowance.

5. Some walls could be disappeared in 2040

Some current predictions indicated that certain parts of the wall might collapse before 2040 because of bad influences from human. Some parts of the Wall in the Gansu province is a bad signal for us. Therefore, we could not ignore this sign, and we should make repairing plans in the upcoming time.

6. We are discovering a lot of parts in The Great Wall

There are some parts of the Wall we might not know. We have already discovered some unknown parts of the Wall in 2012. However, this is not the end part of The Wall. Archaeologists indicate that human beings are finding other sections of the Wall in the northernmost parts of the border in Mongolia.

7. The Great Wall is called by many names around the world

Americans, France, German, United Kingdom people often call “The Great Wall of China. Whereas, other Western people have a courteous nickname “The Chinese Wall”. On the flip side, Chinese prefer using “The 10,000 – Li – Long Wall” or “The Long Wall of 10, 000 Li” in their mother tongue language.  “Li” means a third of one mile. Nowadays, The Great Wall is called “The Long Wall” in Chinese communities.

8. Some parts of the original Great Wall have already been disappeared

The current length of the Great Wall is 13, 171 miles, but this is not the final numbers we reach. In The Ming Dynasty, more than 1200 miles have already disappeared that we are not sure the reason why.

9. Other countries draw more attention to the Great Wall more than Chinese

In the 19th century, Chinese realized that the Great Wall were attractive after having commercial relations with European countries and other Asia countries. In the 20th century, more international travelers and merchants described The Great Wall as one of the greatest works of arts in the world through their language. This was the peak time to appeal international interest to this heritage.

10. Bricks are not the first building materials in The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China was inbuilt rammed earth, adobe, and stone. In the Ming Dynasty, The Great Wall had been constructed by the bricks in their world art. Furthermore, other materials were used like the tall watch-towers in The Ming Dynasty.

If you have already visited this wonderful heritage, you would ascertain a lot of great things about it in the 10 facts about The Great Wall Of China article. For those who did not have the opportunity to travel to the Great Wall, you might totally discover it by the online videos or other resources.


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