Exploring 7 Most Famous Markets in Siem Reap

If you have a chance to visit Siem Reap, don’t forget to immerse yourself in these outstanding Siem Reap markets.

1. Phsar Chas (The Old Market)

Wide range of products in The Old Market

The Old Market, located between Pub Street and the riverside, is truly the heart of Siem Reap. As the most popular and central market, it is frequently visited by both tourists and locals. There is a wide range of cooked food, herbs and spices, raw meat, fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, local crafts, DVD’s, clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair & makeup salons as well as artwork.

A traditional Khmer towel, Krama, becomes the most bought item on the night market in Siem Reap. Its price is very cheap, depending on the quality that ranges from $ 1- $ 10 / towel. With from $ 1.5 to $ 3, the tourists can buy a T-shirt featuring the wonders of the world in Siem Reap. Most of the buyers are young people who like this type of T-shirt. In addition, they are also suitable for gifts to friends of the same age.

The open-air market is covered by a massive roof, offering ample shade from the sun. Do not buy anything without bargaining in Cambodia. Make sure you bargain from 50% to 75% lower than the stated price as most items are inflated significantly higher for tourists. The people in Siem Reap get familiar to international visitors so they are very friendly. You can try anything you like. Even if you do not buy them, they will not scold you.

* Note:

  • Because Old Market gets very crowded with market goers, be aware of your belongings to avoid pickpockets.
  • It is opened from Monday to Sunday at 8 am – 6 pm

2. Phsar Leu (The Upper Market)

Phsar Leu market

Phsar Leu is the biggest and authentic market in Siem Reap. It is located on National Road 6, on the way to Phnom Penh and about 3km from the center. It is opened from Monday to Sunday at 6am-6pm. Usually crowded on the outside, it attracts mostly locals looking for the lowest prices. 

You will see raw meat, fruit and vegetables, local snacks, plastic wears, phones, electronics, clothes, shoes, toiletries, beauty and makeup, jewelry when coming to the market. In addition, you can buy the Krama (the most famous Cambodian gift) at a quite cheap price. There are also a number of popular eateries on the market in case you feel hungry after going around the market.


  • Since it is not a tourist market, it will be a little noisy and not as comfortable as the other markets the tourists often visit.
  • Almost no English is spoken here.

3. Angkor Night Market

The night market is opened daily from 4 pm to 12 pm

Siem Reap's original night market near Sivatha has sprung countless copycats. It's packed with over 200 bamboo huts stalls selling a variety of handicrafts, souvenirs and silks. Founded in 2017 to preserve Khmer handicrafts and improve the lives of Khmer people, this outdoor market offers only one-of-a-kind goods such as silk paintings, shadow puppets and handbags made from recycled materials. Set within a landscaped garden in downtown Siem Reap, the market is also ideal for enjoying live music performances until late. In 'Night Market A', you can catch live music at Island Bar, while 'Night Market B' has the Brick House bar.

You can also indulge in a Dr Fish massage at $20 for 60 minutes and $25 for 90 minutes. The traditional Khmer massage treatment helps soothes fatigued muscles using a combination of local herbs and white wine compress. There are also several dining venues within the market, where you can enjoy local and western delicacies, beers, cocktails, smoothies and beers at attractive prices.

* Note:

  • The market opens from 4 pm to 12 pm.

4. Made in Cambodia Market

Made in Cambodia Market is an outside market located in front of Shinta Mani Resort in Siem Reap. The market offers a wide range of live performances, tasty local food and souvenirs. The market sells clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, paintings and toys. Goods sold here are pricier than other markets.

If you are feeling hungry, Made in Cambodia market is full of many best restaurants in Siem Reap. Don’t forget to try Sombai rice which is infused with cinnamon, mangoes, star anise and red chilies.

* Note:

  • Open every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday from 4pm to 9pm, this vibrant outdoor market takes place in Shinta Mani.

5. Angkor Handicraft Association

Hand-made products are displayed in the market

This place is highly recommended for those looking to see local artisans working on their products. 100% of the profits here will be given to craftsmen, their families, and the local community.Visitors can learn about Khmer traditional crafting and participate in workshops. There are 20 stalls selling authentic silk, silverware, statues, paintings and bags. Here also hosts 12 types of activities that are suitable for all ages, such as coconut carving, palm leaf weaving and flute making classes. The market is located at Road 60, Traing Village, Siem Reap.


  • It is opened daily from 10 am to 8 pm at Traing village.

6. Noon night market

Noon Night Market

The market features a wide range of fair-trade souvenirs and handicrafts, with 10% profit for funding a local orphanage. Located between Sivutha Boulevard and Angkor Night Market, the walkways are fitted with numerous silk lamps and fans to combat the heat.

Noon Night Market will attract tourists immediately by the endless merchandise, clothing, scarves, jewelry and souvenirs such as the statue of Buddha, Bayon and Apsara. However, the special attraction for tourists coming here is the garments such as clothes and colorful Krama for only 1 to 2USD.

There are Khmer delicacies such as fish amok, lok lak and sping rolls. It is a great idea to unwind with a Khmer-style massage or enjoy imported beers and cocktails at the onsite bar. Enjoying traditional Cambodian food and cool Angkorian beers is also an exciting experience in the night market.


  • The opening hour is from 12 am to 12pm.

7. Phsar Thmey Market - Central Market in Phnom Penh

Phsar Thmey, also known as Central Market in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) is a very famous market. It is famous for the abundance of goods.

Phsar Thmey Market

Only the food area on the market can make you overwhelmed. At Phsar Thmey Market, you can try all the unique dishes made from the insects. The crickets have been fried, marinated spices thoroughly and absolutely no bad smell. If you cannot withstand challenges, you still try a bit because it is very crispy and delicious.

Almost, the fish is an overwhelming dish at the central market. The local people stir the fish into rods, fry it crispy and then sell as selling hot-dog. Especially, the hot rice eateries, the fish dishes are indispensable. Buyers just buy rice and add a few strings of fish to have a delicious lunch. Finally, the fish stalls are really the most attractive with many kinds of dried fish, snakehead fish, termites and especially smoked fish. If you have time to walk along the night market, you will see, on the two sides of the road, many local people sell the fish. These are the freshest fishes from the Tonle Sap caught at the end of the day. In this area, people prefer fish than meat and the fish dishes are always prominent in Cambodian cuisine.

Cakes, glutinous rice cake, steamed sticky rice, fried rice cake and fried shrimp cake ... are the dishes you can easily find here. Perhaps, the cakes here are very eye-catching in color and the way they are presented is extremely attractive. The pieces of cake which are neatly placed in the box will make you feel mouth-watering even though just a glimpse.

Having a browse through all the stalls is an enjoyable activity even without buying anything

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