Explore The Distinct Weather In Sapa, Vietnam

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sapa is just a right choice. Located in high mountain, tourists can found Sapa as a unique place with the diversity of landscape, culture of the ethnic minorities and particular climate. Enjoying four seasons transiting miraculously in one day should be an unforgettable memory.

Let's explore how diverse the weather can be in Sapa!

Like so many other attractions in Vietnam, Sapa also has four different seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) during a year. However, in some period, tourists can enjoy these whole seasons within one day.

1. March to May - Springtime with beautiful various flowers blossom

Many tourists think that this the best season to enjoy the sunshine, wind and fresh air of the mountains and forests. Daily average temperature is approximately 15°C - nice enough to make us comfortable. Stability of spring's weather is also a reason made Sapa became a popular choice in traveler's itinerary.

Springtime's view in Sapa will entirely give a strong impression for tourists with pink peach, purely white plum blossoms and thousands of blooming flowers all over the hills, slopes, valleys, mountainsides or roads in the town.

Beautiful pink peach blossom in Sapa

From March to May the weather is very cool, pleasant, and dry at night, cloudy in the morning. Even in the hotel's room, visitors can also feel the soft white clouds are flying in front of their faces. And of course, you will be amazed at thick fog and clouds covering this place if you go trekking. Whether you are professional hikers or amateurs, you will not want to miss this chance. Also, this is the time when local people - the ethnic minorities start sowing; you can admire the green rice fields on the glamorous terraces.

April in Sapa is a miracle of nature since visitors may surprisingly have a chance to witness the transition of 4 seasons within one day: warm spring in the morning, gradually shift to summertime at noon, a cool wind of fall in dawn and get cold in the night.

2. June to August - Cool summer with unique terraced fields

For a country with the tropical climate like Vietnam, the summer is expected to be harsh with burning sunshine. However, in Sapa, the temperature daylight never exceeds 25°C and hover around 15°C at night.

In Sa Pa, there was only one rice crop of 6 months, farmers sowed around early May, and in July, visitors can enjoy the beauty of green terraced fields - a unique farming method. Remember to prepare your camera or your phone to capture this one-of-a-kind landscape. But visitors also should be aware of summer showers, sometimes drizzle or sudden heavy rain. Umbrella and raincoat are also the must-have items you should not forget.

Sapa’s green terraced fileds

In August, with fewer of sunny days, the weather in Sapa is the wettest in the year with the highest rainfall. Except for that, Sapa's climate is almost same as July.

3. September to November - Mild autumn with the fascinating golden crops' view

September to November is a beautiful season to travel Sa Pa not only because the color of rice is golden yellow, but the air is also pleasant with sunshine, dry weather, a moderate temperature ranging from 18 to 20°C. September is considered as one of the best timing to visit Sapa because of its fascinating view of golden crops. During the day, visitors are watching the Muong Hoa valley, watching the terraced fields and trekking down Ta Phin village, at night can take a stroll and enjoy the delicious food in Sa Pa.

A fascinating view of golden crops in Sapa

Like in April, travelers will be amazed at the taste of 4 seasons within a day in September and October. Briefly heavy rain may fall in the afternoon, but it will not harm your journey.

The end of November, Sapa is changing itself gradually into winter, the temperature will fall by 17°C, and the weather is fairly cold but not sharp. In the morning, visitors still can enjoy the clouds floating peacefully over the whole town along with the fresh atmosphere.

4. December to February - Unique winter with snow in a tropical country 

Winter time in Sapa - the harshest season of the year, especially at night, can appear ice and occasionally snow with a range of low temperature from 8 to 14°C. Snow in a tropical country like Vietnam brings to you a bizarre experience ever.

Since this is also the time of peach blossom, many young couples want to witness the romance of the snow scene, watching the dugout flowers in the fog as well as dawn in the high valley early in the morning which is difficult to find anywhere else in Vietnam.

Falling snow in a tropical climate country

Foggy and cloudy weather will last during January and a half of February while the average temperature settles around 9°C. Tourists should be careful with the fog since it can impair the visibility and also prepare enough of warm clothes to avoid coldness. At the end of February, sunny days with the warmth as a signal of spring will come back in town.

Due to the rare features of winter, Sapa appeals not only domestic but also foreigner tourists. It leads the fact that the town will be crowded with tourists and the price of services is significantly increasing.

For whom is searching for a unique place, Sapa definitely will match your needs because it owns a distinct climate and special terrain.


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