Enjoy 7 Most Interesting Festivals in Thailand during vacation

In a country with an affluence of history and a varied cultural spectrum Thailand has an array of spiritual, political and imperial ceremonies to keep you celebrating year round. Travelling to Thailand to experience one of these events will give you a genuine admiration of Thai culture, faiths and you will see how the citizens really rejoice the life with these ceremonies.
The different festivals and ceremonies are being held in some specific months. So, if you are planning a trip to Thailand, you must read the below details of festivals, come to festival time and enjoy the spectacular festivals with us.

1. Tak Loy Krathong Sai Festival
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Generally, it is celebrated in the month of November. On the north side of Thailand, the Loy Krathong Sai Festival of Lights is a gorgeous night time event, where Thai’s float adorned Krathongs, (banana leaves bent into a circle, enlightened with the candles, sunlight, and other beautification) – a genuine highlight of any Thailand festival. The celebrations of Loy Krathong in the Tak province are a festival where the local tradition is to thread coconut shell Krathongs jointly and shed them in a candlelight chain down the Ping River in Amphoe Mueang Tak from the 200 year ancient Rattanakosin Bridge. Stand by the waterside to see this astonishing sight and get an actual feel for Thailand travel. The banana cup is anticipated to float away ill luck as well as to state apologies to Ganga or Khongkha. Experience this marvelous ambiance which usually is performed on the complete moon of the 12th lunar month.

2. Monkey Buffet Festival

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This festival is very different from other festival. This could be one of the peculiar festivals you see in the earth, where a buffet of fresh fruit, desserts and nuts are laid on for one enormous monkey buffet! It’s a truthfully Thailand travel experience and something that you won’t disregard in a rush.
Food will be provided to around 300 monkeys living in the region of the God of Phra Prang Sam Yot and Death Shrine. When the meal is exposed and the monkeys begin to realize what is on offer and rapidly take benefit of the astonishing feast, gorging themselves along the all that they can find their hands on. Locals will also add out blocks of ice including fruit, which you can see the monkeys licking energetically to get inside. It’s absolutely quirky and will surely lend a peculiar tough to your Thailand trip. This festival is also celebrated in November.

3. Hat Yai Lantern Festival

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In the Deep South area of Thailand in Songkhla region the stunning Hat Yai Lantern event has become one of the most diverse and beautiful night time spectacles around, and is justifiably popular along the travelers to the Thailand. This global festival lasts four months from 4pm till 9pm every nighttime and the topic this year is the Seven Wonders of the globe. The categories change from birds of paradise, lanterns of the east, animal planet and several others. The lanterns are created from cloth or paper with bamboo frames and can be viewed floating on the lake, lynching from structures, or soaring in the sky.

4. Trooping Of The Color

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During your Thailand journey, you will get that the imperial family is highly appreciated and honored and so just before his emperor Rama’s birthday on the fifth of December the country commemorate his birthday. This is commemorated with an annual oath taking event by the Royal Thai Air Force, the Royal Thai Navy, and the Royal Thai Army. This imposing ceremony was first organized in 1961 and has become one of the most colorful event is Thailand festival chart. It is renowned in the Royal Plaza in Bangkok on the second December. As the emperor appears, shines are lit and you will realize the incredible atmosphere as the Thais cheerfulness for their emperor.

5. Sunflower Festival
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If you love flowers and specially the Sunflower, so you must visit Thailand at the time of Sunflower Festival. All through the months of November to January flower lovers’ like flock to the northern providences of Khok Samrong and Phatthana Nikhom to rejoice this gorgeous flower festival. During the months of November to February the citizens cover the town in sunflowers and making the whole thing in yellow color! With 12,000 acres of this flower in this region, taking the train ride that moves along this region is a must. The state also runs particular day trains to Pasak dam, on the public holidays and for the duration of the weekend, where the vision over the fields is regarded as one of the finest.

6. Chiang Thai National Elephant Day
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In the country, where the elephant has been such a gigantic historical contributed in the transport, agriculture as well as used in the battle, it is not unforeseen that this regal beast is regarded along so much admiration. Many Thais view the outline of Thailand as the form of an elephant head, with the major head to the north, the ears flapping back towards the side of the east and the trunk moving down the peninsula to the far side of the south.
This festival is detained in the Maesa elephant camp just exterior Chiang Mai in the north side of the Thailand, and would be a real Thailand journey experience. This camp was established for elephants that have had a meticulous life and can now give up work in comfort and peace. The festival initiates around 12 noon and the entry to the park is rid for locals and tourists on holiday in the Thailand.

7. Songkran Thailand’s Water Festival
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If you are planning to visit Thailand in April then ready for a shower. No, it is not any monsoon season, but rather the well-known Songkran water festival held on 13th April!

As soon as you step outside is ready for water pistols, water balloons, water bombs and the odd bucket of water as the Thais enjoy their new year. April is one of the hottest months of the year in Thailand and so this could not be a more suitable festival for locals and tourists. Songkran states the sun’s move from one zodiac to another and begin of the solar year, which is the most vital time for Thai people. Water is a sign of cleansing the body, the mind and the spirit. Bad luck is cleaned away and so if you are soaked at the end of the day, then think yourself lucky as you have been sacred and be preparing for a new year, expectantly full of enchantment Thailand travel experiences!

If you are really planning a Thailand trip, try to add one of these sparkling festivals. Whichever occasion you catch, you’ll find a great travel experience to cherish for the entire life.

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