Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural immigrant society, so a variety of religions in the world gather here. Do you know that there are as many as 266 churches in tiny Singapore? So today I will take you to a trip of churches in Singapore, take you to a different Singapore.

1. St Andrew’s Cathedral – a sign of Singapore

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_1

St Andrew’s Cathedral, located in the administrative cultural district, is Singapore’s first and largest Episcopal Church. The church has suffered a lightning strike twice, and then was designed by Colonel Ronald McPherson and was completed in 1856; therefore it has a strong new gothic style.
Through the archy door into the church, it is three colorful stained glass windows before you, which occupy the semicircular apse. Each window is stained to commemorate one important figure in the history of Singapore, with Sir Stamford Raffles in the middle window.
St Andrew’s Cathedral is one of the most precious masterworks of architecture, which is listed in the national historic sites in 1973. Standing in front of the fantastic piece of architecture, looking up to the lofty spires, feeling the peace reflecting from the shiny white walls, you will unexpectedly have a respect, and you will be so at peace.
Address: 11 St Andrew’s Rd, Singapore, 178959

2. St Joseph’s Church – a model of gothic architecture

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_2
St Joseph’s Church with the structure of Latin cross is an architectural marvel. You can enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows here. In 1825, the priest Francisco da Silva Pinto e Maia founded the Portugal Mission Organization at the location of the church, the church built on that foundation became Singapore’s first Catholic place.
The church was destroyed in 1906, and rebuilt in 1912. The best time for visiting here is Good Friday. On this day, in honor of Jesus’ crucifixion, the grand parades of Catholics will go by from the church.
Address: 143 Victoria Street Singapore 188020


3. CHIJMES – British classic gothic architecture

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_3

CHIJMES (also called CHIJMES square) was the Jesus monastery, now the neoclassicism style building has become a collection of the most exciting dining and entertainment in Singapore. The square is next to the Raffles hotel, and the exclusive green lawn, the fall of the spotless marbles and the fresh and spacious courtyard make it a charming classic appeal.
The square was designed by George Coleman (the designer of the old Capitol). Initially it only consisted of Caldwell House, which was a senior official’s secretary’s mansion. Later, it became the convent and residential building of the dean, and expanded two parts – the orphanage and gothic cathedral with colorful glass windows. Old time, babies born in the year of the tiger was abandoned at the door, are adopted by the nuns, so the door is called the Gate of Hope. Now many things have transformed, but the Gate of Hope is still at the side of the Victoria Street.
Today’s CHIJMES square collecting so many boutique shops, restaurants and bars, has become one of Singapore’s most prestigious enjoyment paradises, at the same time, many wonderful entertainment venues providing rich drinks and a live music performance at night make it become the perfect leisure resort.
Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996


4. Cathedral of the Good Shepherd – Singapore’s Catholic Cathedral

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_4

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Singapore, located in the area between Four road and Victoria Street and Bras Basah Road, is the Catholic Cathedral in Singapore.
On June 28, 1973, the cathedral is listed as one of Singapore’s national memorial sites because of one “first” title. In 1843, The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd set the first footstone, which opened the prelude of the project of the cathedral. However, no one expected that it lead to a competition between two well-known architects, D.L Sweeney and J.T. Thomson, who are both have an advantage. Thomson’s design is gorgeous, but expensive and hard to construct and maintain; D.L Sweeney’s design is simple and practical, but everyone thought it is similar to the design of the old buildings. In the end, D.L Sweeney’s design was adopted. In the next year, the third designer Charles Dyce added a design of minaret on the original basis, which was inspired by the reconstruction of St Andrew’s Cathedral, the designer of which is just J.T Thomson, the defeat in the competition before.
Address: A Queen Street, Singapore 188533


5. Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_5

Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a Roman Catholic Church and its history is associated with the development of the Singapore Chinese Catholic groups. The church was built in 1869 and 1870, in service of believers speaking all kinds of Chinese and Indian dialect. It is also a center for many European missionaries to learn Chinese before a missionary to China. Mass is usually held in English, a mandarin mass is in the morning of Sunday.
Address: 225 a Queen Street, Singapore


6. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_6
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes built in 1888, is Singapore’s first Tamil cathedral. This is a new gothic church with good proportions and delicate details, the design of which imitates the church of the same name in Lourdes, France. It is near the Bugis MRT of green line. Now, the mass at the church is held in Tamil, in Sinhala or in English, the Catholics of all races are welcomed here.
Address: 50 Ophir Road, 188690


7. Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_7

Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church is the most historical church among Chinese Methodist churches in Singapore, built in 1889. Today’s Chinese Methodist Church in Singapore is built in 1924 and 1925, the basic design of which is a western style: a rectangle building with a colonnade on both sides. On the flat roof in the front of the church, the architects combined an all ventilation loft with all corners upwarping, like angles of traditional Chinese architecture, which made the originally Roman building more Chinese charm, so it get the common identity for Chinese overseas
Address: 61 Wishart Rd, Singapore 098716


8. Armenian Church— The elaborate design of George Coleman

Eight Most Wonderful Churches in Singapore_8

In 1835, twelve Armenian families living in Singapore invested to establish the white Armenian Church, they invited George Coleman who is a well-known architect in the colonial period to design for it. There is a bridge of Singapore is named after the architect. The church, in honor of St Gregory he Illuminator, is solemn and peaceful with elegant white protruding porches. This is a very simple church, not big, but it is the Singapore’s oldest church.
From established, the church became an activity center for the Armenian in Singapore. Through the garden scenery outside into the church, magnificent interior architectures will make you truly gasp in admiration. There is a spire, and a white porch which is made up of dolly-style pillars and the railings on both sides. Walking into it, look up to see the arched dome ceiling, which are all traditional elements of Armenian Church. The religious place expressed the homage to the Armenian families which once flourished in Singapore.

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