Eden Search on Sarawak Journey (Malaysia)

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Sarawak is Malaysia’s largest of the thirteen states, located in the northwest Borneo area, near the South China Sea, it covers an area of 124,450 square kilometers, and is known as “hornbill town”. This is a 150 million-years-old mysterious land where 2/3 of it is covered with virgin forest and dense tropical rain forest filled with mystery nature.
Before the 18th century, mankind lived here, archaeologists discovered remains of a stone age man dating back 400,000 years in Sarawak Niah cave, thereby confirming that in the depths of the forest there existing the ancient cradle of human life. From 400,000 years ago to the early 18th century, there were 24 ethnic minorities inhabiting the area after the 18th century, the Briton James Brooke changed all that. From 1841 to 1941, the Brooke family ruled Sarawak for 100 years. After the Second World War in 1946, Sarawak became a British colony and in 1963, after a referendum, Sarawak joined Malaysia, and has become one of Malaysia’s largest states.

Kuching, Miri, Sibu—Sarawak distinctive four cities

Kuching is known as Cat City, it is the capital of Sarawak and the early years of the city there were have many cats living in the city. Kuching’s population is approximately 360,000. Malay and English are the official languages, while Chinese dialects such as Hokkien are also used regularly by residents. There are five-star hotels but you can also find affordable smaller hotels, as well as culinary delights from many different countries.

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Miri, also called Oil City, is the gateway to northern Sarawak. From Miri you can go to many other places such as Sabah, Borneo, Brunei, etc., with convenient transportation connections. Many famous tourist attractions are in Miri, Sarawak.

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Kapit is located in the middle of the Rajang River and has a distinctive flavor unique to this town. Kapit is small, one can walk for only a half an hour and the whole town would have been visited. Kapit is famous for its products distribution center, but also the residents purchase daily necessities. Be sure to visit the Kapit Day Market, every day 7:00am to 12:00pm, residents will display and sell a variety of wild herbs and berries, as well as a variety of handmade crafts.

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Sibu is the gateway to the middle of Sarawak, located in Rajang River Shore. Its water, land and air transportation is very convenient. Sibu was known as the city of Fuzhou because the construction hero of Sibu is the Fuzhou people. Now it has become known for being located on the Rajang River and being a rich city and bustling economic center. In addition to local residents’ spontaneous market, here has one of the seven most beautiful Guanyin Tower in Southeast Asia.

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27 Ethnicities, 10 Forest Parks, 2 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 2500 Varieties of Orchids

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Sarawak has 27 ethnicities, Iban is the most powerful among minority. They live in various parts of Sarawak, play an important role in the political, economic and cultural life. Iban Sarawak minority culture is the most dazzling, “long house culture” and “totem worship” is characteristic of Iban culture. A visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village Sarawak will allow to understand the life and customs of minorities.
Throughout Sarawak there is a natural forest park, currently there’s a total of 10 world-class Sarawak Forest Park, proboscis monkeys, gibbons, golden monkeys, apes and other rare animals. There are other small animals such as Kancil, the world’s smallest owl, eight species of hornbill, thousands of insects and reptiles, millions of bats and swallows live in the forest.
Rafflesia, called the world’s largest flower, has a diameter of at least 70 centimeters, and is an extremely rare flower that grows only in Sumatra and Sarawak forests. There is no fixed flowering season for Rafflesia, the flowers gestation period is nine months, the flowering time is only five days and the second day is the most charming posture.

No Privacy at Iban Longhouse Corridor

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At Sarawak, be sure to visit the Longhouse, the legacy of this ancient custom is still preserved, as tourists can visit the Iban longhouse at their leisure.
Longhouse is not an actual long house, Longhouse is the same concept as a townhouse, each family has its own house, but share a common corridor. There may be ten houses in a Longhouse, every room is a family. The corridor is the spirit of the longhouse and the place for dinner after midnight, where every family’s dinner can be moved to the hallway. Longhouse’s only have a front door, rear door and the bathroom door. When it’s time to sleep, parents and children have their own “territory” where they sleep, outsiders are generally believed to live without privacy, but this is the reserve and unique to “long house culture” for centuries.


Forest Tour – Sarawak 10 Forest Park

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Gunung Mulu National Park
Here is the world’s largest natural cave and the rare lime stone.
Similajau National Park
Has a stretch of sandy beach, 24 kinds of mammals, 185 kinds of birds, and is the most appropriate place for bird watching.
Gunung Gading National Park
This is the best place to watch the Rafflesia, flowers blooming every month, make a call for inquiries before you go.
Kubah National Park
Here there are variety of orchids, and other flourishing plants.
Niah National Park
Niah’s famous cave.
Batang Ai National Park
Home of the Rare “ape”, Sarawak has the largest artificial Batang Ai lake.
Bako National Park
Park along both sides of the river where a strange long arm monkeys live.
Tanjung Datu National Park
Sarawak smallest national park, but also the coast’s most scenic national parks.
Lambir Hills National Park
450-meter-high sandstone mountain, as well as pools and waterfalls.
Loagan Bunut National Park
The place to watch old fishing methods that have been used for a century.

Wildlife Tours – Sarawak’s Two Wildlife Sanctuaries

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
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A 30 minute drive from Kuching downtown is the wildlife ape “temporary home.”


Matang Wildlife Centre

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This is the best place for wildlife viewing while in Sarawak. A beautiful Garden of Eden is a dream of everyone’s mind like Sarawak, Malaysia. The unique geographical location, rich natural resources and interesting culture makes it a terrestrial paradise. Go to Sarawak with your loved one to see the original forest and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach.

Tips Regardin Sarawak:
One of the largest state states;
It has the most extensive worldwide forest ecology;
It has the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia;
It has the largest variety of hornbills;
It has the world’s only longest arm monkey origin;
It has the most species of rainforest plants and animals.

Visit the National Park Notice: (Currency represented by RM)
1. The following scenario is against the law, a minimum fine of RM1000 and imprisonment for six months.
Harm, capture, poisoning and killing animals;
Made of biotic and abiotic destruction, theft and arson acts;
Bringing Animals or plants into the park;
Destroy buildings;

2. Weather
Sarawak is in the tropics area, the lowest temperature is 23 degrees Celsius every day, the highest temperature can reach 32 degrees Celsius, with rain all year round. And during the months of November to February it is often stormy.

3. Communication
Most hotels provide international direct dial service, credit cards accepted for public telephone to dial the phone, you can also buy local mobile phone cards.


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