Dry Fruit Market In Bangkok

There has been so many people wonder why the dry fruit in Thailand is quite expensive but still attracts tourists and becomes their important gift to bring home. Moreover, the product is even higher in many nations, due to the tax. Let’s figure out the reasons by which tourists cannot resist the flavor of Thais dry fruit.

Why it is delicious?

In order to create such a perfect series of dry fruit with high reputation, Thailand’s producers have to own unique procurement secret. Thailand is a nation which has the appropriate climate for growing fruit plants. Its climate is quite similar to many other ares in Southeast Asia, such as southern Vietnam (also very famous for fruit). This is the very suitable condition for growing several species of fruits.

Another reason is the soil condition. The land of Thailand could create varieties of fruits with high quality, beautiful form and perfect flavor. Finally, due to the recent rapid development in technology, producers know how to make the dry fruit possible to be preserved for a long period of time. Also, the nutrition is still kept at the maximum level so people could feel safe about its value.

How it was made

The specialty of dried fruit is originally selected fresh fruit. They are all the most delicious fruit and chosen to be processed with a strict, closed and modern system to make sure that the product will be hygienic but can still keep the flavor, natural ingredient and nutrition.

Via the heating process, the water vapor in the fruit will be eliminated, helping the fruit being preserved longer without using any other chemicals. The fruits are steamed, have a crispy taste, but still retain the characteristic and delicious flavors.

How to enjoy it in Bangkok

Dry fruit could be considered as one of the most notable specialties of Thailand. Therefore, you can easily find and buy these stuffs in almost every popular shopping zone in Thailand. Chatuchak weekend market could be considered as an example. This market sells almost everything, including dry fruit. This is one of the largest markets all over the world which could arrange more than 15,000 stalls. Here you could find several types of dry fruit to enjoy or buying as presents for people in your home countries.

Another famous market is Sampeng Market. Also located in Bangkok, but this place is unlike all the other tourists markets you will end up at if you don’t know where to find the best deal. This is one of Bangkok’s biggest, cheapest and most popular places to buy wholesale products. Being on the way to Bangkok’s Chinatown, the market is such a massive area with best cheap things to buy. Sampeng has a lot of stalls selling dried fruit. With only about 15 baht (about 50 cents), you can have a bag of dried fruit (papaya, mango and pineapple are the most delicious, according to the ideas of most people).

Besides those two famous markets, you can find dry fruit in several other stores in Bangkok.

The best dry fruits in Bangkok?

Almost every kind of fruit in Thailand could be chosen to be dried. However, the most popular of them, which are strongly preferred by people all over the world, are durian, jackfruit, banana and sweet potato.

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