Da Nang – The Most Livable City In Vietnam

Judged as one of the twenty cleanest cities in the world, Da Nang is a destination that you can not miss. With romantic Han River, the seductive My Khe Beach, and Ba Na Mountain, this beautiful city is deserved to be the tourist capital of South Central in Vietnam.

Here are not-to-be-missed sightseeing destinations.


Driving 9km south of city center, travelers can find one of the most popular attractions of the region, the Marble mountains. It is a group of five marble and limestone mountains, named after the five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. They look like bonsais emerging from a vast hillock.

Every mountain has its particular beauty in shape, position, material with many caves and temples inside. Water Mountain is the largest and also the most beautiful one. The dreamlike space, sacred temples, huge caves, green trees, and the temple bell all contribute to the fairy picture of wonderful land. The Mountains are truly a heaven of all tourists.


Situated at the intersection of Trung Nu Vuong and Bach Dang Street, the museum houses are the last collection of Cham Pa arts in the world. Museum was constructed in the ancient Cham Pa architecture style with many blocks of the white building decorated with simple and elegant patterns. In other provinces, we also can encounter the famous historical sites of Cham Pa. However, the Museum in Da Nang City makes it a lot easier for us to learn about this mysterious ancient culture without having to visit several locations thorough the regions.


Only 13 km away from the center, Son Tra Peninsula is a typical tourism magnet along the coastline with fantastic, untouched natural scene, clear sea water, white sand, mysterious primitive jungle and a vast diversity of plants as well as animals. It contains all the elements for visitors to have fun activities, camping, picnic and fascinating adventure.


Of all the architectural advancement of the city over the past decade, the people here are most proud of their bridges – all nine of them. Meanwhile, the most appropriate one is the Dragon bridge, a six-lane steel bridge designed to look like a dragon flying over the river. Every Friday and Saturday evening at 21:00, the dragon comes alive, breathes fire and water towards the east that creates a spectacular display.


The Gothic-styled cathedral was constructed by priest Louis Vallet in 1923 and was the only church built in Da Nang by French colonialists. Locals call it as rooster church due to the weathercock sitting on the top of its steeple. It’s pretty flamboyant in bright candy pink. Mass is held several times a day from Wednesday to Saturday.


Bana Hill is an eco resort combining relaxation and entertainment area with modern equipment. It luckily has an ideal climate all year round with four separate seasons in a day. Particularly, morning – spring, noon – summer, afternoon- autumn and evening – winter. Go there, you not only discover the amazing scene of mountains but also experience the longest and highest cable car in the world.

From above, visitors can cover a vast space of superb beaches, the whole city and green rice fields to the endless horizon. The entertaining area is designed for all ages, combined with lots of gardens such as love gardens, a vineyard, a fairy garden and an indoor amusement park named Fantasy Park. Especially, there is a village of villas which was built in French architecture.


My Khe Beach is voted by Forbes magazine as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet. With a coastline stretching to 90 meters, blue waters, fine white sandy beaches, and high-end hotels, My Khe is an ideal destination for those who are in love with beaches. Also, there is a great selection of water activities in Da Nang, which can help you to spend a day long in beaches.

It is well worth living in the most livable city in Vietnam just one day to admire all the above sightseeing. Let’s hit the road!

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