Da Nang Fishing Experience – A New Interesting Activity In The Nice Coastal City

One-day fishing in Da Nang is really interesting because you can both peacefully sit to watch the sky and the blue sea and (together with) experience the “tough fight” to catch big fishes which will be cooked into many delicious dishes on the boat, as well as swim on a beautiful pristine beach.

General information

The travel form of going fishing with the local fishermen has become popular in some coastal provinces of Vietnam. In Da Nang, the idea of organizing fishing activities for visitors derives from the needs of a section of local tourists. Many coastal people are passionate about fishing, but they do not have the means to push off, so (. As a result,) they are very supportive when this new tourism activity is born.

In addition, this travel form has a narrow segment, mainly for tourists who love the adventurous and exploring tourism. However, if it focuses on investing to make it an attractive tourist product of Da Nang only, it will certainly attract a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Many visitors to Da Nang only swim and enjoy local seafood, while Da Nang tourism has much potential to expand and develop in the future. New forms of tourism will initially help you to discover the beauty of Da Nang Sea in the best way.

Da Nang fishing experience

Many local visitors have also expressed their intention to set up the Da Nang Fishing Club, which is a registered trademark, through which they can satisfy their hobbies, as well as can become volunteer guides for visitors.

The route maybe starts from But Beach to Son Tra Cape, or from Thuan Phuoc Fishing Port, through Tien Sa Port, then stop at an optional beach and return in the evening to see the Thuan Phuoc bridge in light from the far distance.

It takes about 20 minutes from the city by car or by motorbike to the fishing area (about 10km from the city center).

If you go in group, the full day rental price is about 1,500,000VND (66$) for a group of 15 people, which includes the most important things to do in (prepare for) the day of fishing: a dedicated guide, tools and baits, as well as a stove to cook the fishes you catch right on the boat. If you go alone, the service price will range from 100,000VND to 300,000VND (4.5$-13$).

Detailed itinerary

Starting the journey, between a mess of life jackets, buckets, the burning smell of gasoline and the fishy smell of seafood, all visitors feel hangover when feeling the true trip to the sea.

The tourists take part in fishing activity

90% of the visitors taking part in this activity are men, with a full range of specialized fishing gear. As soon as they get the ideal seat on the two sides of the ship, they can quickly bring the fishing rods, eagerly drop bait into the sea, and wait for the first fish.

It takes about 20 minutes to go to the enough deep area for fishing (deep enough to the fishing area). Less than half an hour floating on the water, the boat anchors at the place which is about 2 nautical miles from Son Tra peninsula and has a lot of fishes. According to the local people, you should go fishing early in the morning when the sun has risen. If you go late, you will hardly catch any fish.

The fishing requires patience, so visitors should not be discouraged too early, but always focus on their fishing rods and wait for the slightest movement. For some visitors, sitting in the middle of the sea is a great experience and it is not important whether they catch any fish or not.
After a while, the first trophy in the sparkling sunshine is enough to make visitors satisfied.

If being enough lucky (lucky enough) to catch all featured fishes in the province, visitors will have a hearty dinner including 7 dishes with the bold taste of Da Nang sea. Before starting the trip, the tourists should prepare some foods and drinks to bring on the boat in order to have a party after the fishes you get are grilled.

The fish caught by tourists is served right on the boat

In the summer, it is sunnier, the wind and the waves are stronger than those in the winter.

According to the boatman, the best time for fishing in Da Nang is when the weather is beautiful, the waves are not too strong, and there are many pompanos in the sea. It is really cool if you can enjoy the fresh pompano cooked with sauce, then rolled with rice paper and Nem sauce right on the boat.

Fishing is the experience of nervous feeling when waiting for a fish and skillfully pulling the fishing rod at the right time. Besides, the visitors are guided by a dedicated boatman who can help you understand more about the life of the fishermen, learned how to control the boat. Moreover, the visitors are free to swim, admire the blue sky and Da Nang Bay from a view you rarely see. All of them will be a memorable and unique experience in Da Nang.

After swimming and wandering along the beach to enjoy the peace in here, it is time to return to urban lights after a really fun and comfortable day.

We hope that the above information will be helpful for you if you have a plan to experience fishing in Da Nang in this summer. Come here to enjoy this wonderful thing.

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