Chinese Dietary Habit

Chinese remain drinking tea after having meal and wine offering necessarily required.

Dietary plays a significant role in Chinese culture that is expressed by their greeting each other. Normally, the next sentence after the first saying “Hello” of Chinese is “Have you got anything for the meal?”


Serving tea after a meal is one of the longest traditions of Chinese. The host keeps the water inside the teapot always filled. Even in the case that you are the guest; the action mentioned lately by filling teapot is one way of respect to their partner.

Another note is the way of using chopstick during the meal. You shouldn’t consider using the chopstick for recreational purpose or to point at other direction or to gyrate it in space, etc. Remember not to use the chopstick to scratch up food or pitch the chopsticks on a rice bowl because it is considered as a symbol of unlucky sign such as firing an incense in a funeral.

Noodle is a particular dish which is symbolized for people long-lived in China. It is used in their birthday thus while eating this noodle, and you should eat the whole fibril noodle instead of biting into smaller pieces. Furthermore, it is not impolite to make some noise during the meal in China.

In junkets or parties, if you leave and slightly drunk which means you had an entirely happy time at those parties. Then, wine offering is essential habits whose refuse to drink can be considered as a “weak man.”

Those who call you to hang out will pay the bill. If you try to pay the bill can be considered as an insulted action to the bidder.

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