Suggested Itinerary For A Chiang Mai Elephant Tour

Temporarily eliminate the stress and fatigue in your daily life, Chiang Mai elephant tour brings you the moment of relaxing on elephants’ backs and discovering the wild nature. The cool water flowing through the hands will make you enjoy the trip with bamboo rafts on the Mae Ping River. Particularly, the brilliant orchids and the beautiful butterflies will make your mind peaceful. Come and experience Chiang Mai Elephant Tour – a unique journey.


  • Experience Chiang Mai Elephant tour – Mountain trekking on the back of a big and gentle elephant.
  • Relax, play football and enjoy the majestic nature with elephants that tamed by the indigenous people.
  • Enjoy the rafting on the Mae Ping River and feel the cool water through your hand.
  • Admire the vibrant colors of orchids and butterflies.

What will you experience?

Bamboo Rafting on Mae Ping River

Admire the beautiful nature on the back of the gentle elephant

Get acquainted with the friendly elephants and explore Chiang Mai forest with them. You will see the natural scenery with the dense layers of early morning fog, the beautiful sound of the birds and the fresh air which is hard to find in the metropolis such as Bangkok. In addition, do not forget to take the moment of the big elephant paintings with its creativity.

Experience the excitement of bamboo rafting on the Mae Ping River

Then, say goodbye to the gentle elephants  to come to the bamboo raft on the Mae Ping River. Here you will visit the vibrant gardens on both sides, where the fragile forest branches that are full of vitality welcome all visitors. Being immersed in the wonderful scene, soaking in the cool water and feeling the wind on the river which soothe the tired in everyday life, will definitely make you want to stay here forever and do not want to return.

Suggested schedule

  • 08:15: Tourists are picked up at the hotel by tour guide and depart to visit Elephant Farm.
  • Then experience an elephant ride for an hour through the jungle.
  • Experience the bamboo rafting on the Mae Ping River for 40 minutes, relax and see the scenery on both sides of the river.
  • Enjoy the lunch buffet and then visit the orchid and butterfly farm.
  • 16:30: Finish the journey and return to the hotel.

Chiang Mai Elephant Tour

Your schedule, time and place of visit will be depended on the weather and the actual situation to ensure the safety of visitors. To ensure your tour to be most comfortable, in some cases, the tour guide will not accompany you during the tour.

Reference tour price and activities

Chiang Mai Elephant tour in a day ranges from 1,000 – 1,500 baht/person (30-45$), depending on the activities included. However, if you are in a big group, you can rent a Songthaew or car at the price of 800-1,000 baht (24-30$), to the points of interest and your group will pay the entrance fee.

There are quite a few elephant farms in Chiang Mai, but they are quite far from the city. Among them, the most famous one is Maesa Elephant Farm which is 30 km from the city center and 70 km from Chokchai in Mae Taeng Valley. The Maesa Elephant Farm is located in the village of Ban Tong Tribe, on the magnificent fog of Maesa Plateau. This is where a resident veterinarian lives. He will introduce you to retired elephants and answer any questions of the visitors.

Chiang Mai Elephant Tour

Visitors everywhere go to the Maesa Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai to ride on these giant creatures and watch them perform their favorite skill: Painting. For visitors, this experience is so great, because no one thinks the elephant can be so smart like this.

In the farm, you can take part in many activities such as elephant show (500 baht or 15$), elephant ride (330 baht or 10$) (you will ride the elephant to the river, bathe the elephant, play with the elephant and record a video clip for you), Cow ride (500 baht or 15$), and raft floating along the river (530 baht or 16$). It also serves Thai buffet lunch for 200 baht (6$) per person.

At night, you can visit Chiang Mai Night Market (Chiang Mai Bazzar), open at the weekends, from 4 p.m to midnight, on a 2 km long road stretching on the sidewalks from Tha Phae to Sridonchai. The items mainly sold at the market are clothes, jewelry or elephant statues and a variety of souvenirs that are extremely cheap, not as expensive as in Bangkok … This is the most famous night market in the city which is connected to the Kalare night market.

Chiang Mai is an interesting and attractive place for you.  Please join us in Thailand to explore Chiang Mai Elephant Tour.

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