Discover Chatuchak Night Market In Bangkok, Thailand

Chatuchak Night Market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand and is almost the largest one in the world. It is the place where almost all of the items are sold in large quantities. The Chatuchak market is over 10,000 hectares with nearly 9,000 stores and booths, with over 200,000 customers.
The opening hours of the market are from 9 p.m to 3 a.m on Friday.

Chatuchak – Traditional market of Thailand

Chatuchak Night Market is considered as the largest and most vibrant market of Bangkok and attracts many young people to come here. When this market was built and opened in the 1940s, until this day they have grown to become the center of commerce attracting young people around the world.
This place is the appointment of many young people coming here to visit and go shopping to find their favorite and practical items for each person’s life.

Chatuchak market

It is estimated that over the weekend, there are 200,000 people coming to this market. This is really an amazing number for this market. At Chatuchak Market, you will be truly dazzled by the variety of items sold here. You can find all the items such as clothes, cosmetics, handmade items, electronic devices and especially enjoy the delicious food with the strong flavor of the beautiful country Thailand.

In addition, you can also take a stroll to admire the scenery near the market because it is very close to Chatuchak Park. You will be able to see the architecture and landscape of this place such as the waterfall, clock tower or shopping market … All of them create a romantic and exciting scene when coming to the Chatuchak night market.

Another special thing is that at this market, there are no beggars but only street artists perform their unique items to earn bonuses from the guests.

It’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes, avoid wearing high heels because you have to move a lot and you should bargain before you decide to buy something.

How to visit and shop at Chatuchak Market

There are many ways to get to Chatuchak Market from anywhere in Bangkok: The bus (which is also an extremely convenient vehicle at an affordable price (air-conditioned buses: 502, 503, 509 and Normal buses: 77), tuk-tuk, taxi and motorbike taxi… However, two most popular ways are Metro subway and Skytrain or BTS.

Chatuchak night market map

If you take the subway, you go to Chatuchak Park station, just step out of the station area to meet Chatuchak market across the street. If you go by Skytrain (BTS), at the last station: Mochit Station, follow the instructions down the stairs, walk along Chatuchak Park in a few minutes to the market. With the big size and a large number of booths, it is impossible for us to discover the whole Chatuchak Night Market.

However, according to our experience in Thailand, you can explore most of the place by walking streets around the market. These streets are usually numbered and called Soi 1, Soi 2 and Soi 3…  These walkways will be grouped into a total of 27 zones, each of which may sell specialized products and some of the same items may be sold by different zones. Remembering the name and product of each zone will be convenient and save time when you shop here.

List of goods and booths at Chatuchak Night Market

It can be said, everything about Thailand is sold here: Clothing counters, footwear. Chatuchak really is a huge “stockpile” of textiles and garments with diverse categories and vibrant colors, and the price is extremely impressive, very cheap. Like many other Asian markets, Chatuchak night market sells a lot of vintage clothing and accessories. In Zone 6, there are Levi’s jeans from the 70s, leather jackets, denim skirts at over 500 stalls.

Chatuchak night market

Each booth will have its own style that is easy to choose: vintage shop, jeans shop, shoes, and rockers… Each store has its own wholesale regulations. For example, just buy 3 or up to 10 products, you get the wholesale price. There are booths selling only unique items such as costumes for performances or street-style clothes… and most of these stores will sell similar items.

The way to shop at Chatuchak Night Market is quite simple. Usually, the price of an item at Chatuchak Market is quite cheap and you can buy items at 75% of the price offered by the seller. It is best to start at 50% of the offered price and eventually increase to 75%. If you buy enough quantities of wholesale prices, the price will be reduced by half of the retail price.

Chatuchak Night Market is an interesting place you cannot miss in Thailand. Let’s go and discover it right now.

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