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Breakfast is the first and very important meal of the day that provides necessary energy for us to start a new day. It can be a good or bad starting point for a new day which based on what you have for this time. In some Asia countries, breakfast is very abundant and varied with different habits of having breakfast. Let see how people around those countries enjoy their breakfast.

Chinese usually have dim-sum while Indonesian prefers porridge for breakfast.

To start a new day with the traditional way of enjoying breakfast at your destination in Asia, you can refer these following meals:


There are plenty ingredients inside each type of dim-sum (another name called snack), including pork, fresh shrimp, vegetable, spicy, onion, sea foods, different beans, even fruits, etc which depends on type of dim-sum. Similarly to the shape of Italian noodle, there are hundreds types of dim-sum mentioned even in books or magazines, such as steamed dim-sum, fried dim-sum, dumpling, etc. For common recipe of dim-sum, it is usually covered by a thin crust outside, with meats or sea foods inside for patching which be steamed in small bamboo tray.

Explore the Breakfast Culture Around Asia_1Dimsum is made quite sophisticated, and appears everywhere in China with many different flavors, up to 100 types.

This is a simple food, quite popular in Chinese and can be eaten whenever you want. This food is low on starch but reach of protein so that it is usually served with tea by Chinese.

Steamed dim is the most often used food in China that includes flour, tapioca, cooking oil mixed together. Inside steamed dim, there are peeled shrimp finely hashed and mixed with spices such as rice wine, pepper, sesame oil, scallion, etc.



In the second populous nation of the world, you can find none of meat for breakfast over this land. Breakfast is served before sunrises including salads, boiled beans, puris cake (a crispy fried rice paper) enjoying with jam, yogurt, etc.

Besides, people often eat Idli Vada – bread made from Fermented black beans and rice with mango chutney, samba sauce. Indian usually drinks hot spicy tea instead of coffee in breakfast as in some other countries.



Soybean and tofu are two of the most common choices for a breakfast in Japan because Japanese believe that those kinds of food are beneficial to health indeed.

Explore the Breakfast Culture Around Asia_2Not only foreign tourists but even Japanese also said that this food has foul-smelling and it was difficult to eat.

Natto is the traditional food which made from soybean fermented grain. It has brown color, much mucus and sticky, unpleasant odor. However, it is very nutritious food and used with the rice and fish. Moreover, Japanese also use miso soup, smoked fish, grilled fish for their typical breakfast.



If you visit the country of thousands of islands, do not forget to taste the chicken porridge every breakfast. Bubur Ayam is porridge, scoop into a bowl and added the yellow spicy sauce to have a special flavor. Shredded chicken and sprinkled on top of porridge bowl. In addition, local residents eat it with fried tofu and onion.

Explore the Breakfast Culture Around Asia_3Krupuk soufflé is quite common, giving the distinct flavor of Indonesia

Additionally, breakfast can have Krupuk soufflé made from potatoes, cassava, or shrimp, fish. This kind of food is popular and easy to find at anywhere in Indonesia.



In this country, rice is a favorite food which is chosen on almost breakfast of local people. The cooks don’t fry rice with eggs as some other countries. They make it from minced pork, fried egg with a little of Asia sausages or fried sausage, garlic, salt instead of.

Explore the Breakfast Culture Around Asia_4Favorite breakfast of the Philippines is fried rice with eggs

This food provides a large amount of energy for your busy working schedule starting from the morning. It is used with fruits, mainly mango – a kind of tropical fruit in Asia.



In Vietnam, breakfasts are varied and different between regions. For example, in the North of Vietnam, you can have Phở (rice noodle), porridge, stuffed pancake, etc. But in the South, people often eat broken rice with grilled pork; Hue beef rice noodle, pancake, etc. There are also some popular foods such as noodle soup, sticky rice, bread, broken rice or traditional cakes, sticky rice with corn, crumpled sticky rice, sticky rice with peanut, etc. with hundreds of cooking methods which different from dish by dish. The thing that makes the taste of breakfast in Vietnam different from others countries is the fish sauce or bean sauce which can be used with many delicious dishes.

Nowadays, although the pace of life is increasingly industrialized, you will have a lot of choices for breakfast to start your day in this S-shape land. The meals are selected primarily to be healthy and less fat, with nuts that are good for health, to reduce the substances that can cause cancer and other diseases with balance decoration & taste combination among hundreds of ingredients. Let’s look at some photos to enrich your choices of breakfast when you go to Vietnam!

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