What is the best time to visit Malaysia?

You are planning your future trip to Malaysia, but do not know which time should be ideal for beautiful scenery. So, let's take a look at the suggestions below for your Malaysia trip.

The best time to visit Malaysia

Malaysia is a tropical paradise, with a mild and cool climate. This country possesses a rich and varied ecosystem, so you can make a trip to Malaysia at any time of the year. Depending on the location and purpose of your trip to Malaysia, you can choose the best time for you and your family. Here are some helpful tips for you.

1. Based on the location/purpose of the trip

From the beginning of December to the end of January of the next year

The period from the beginning of December to the end of January of the next year is Malaysia's peak tourist season, also falls on the big holidays such as New Year, Christmas and Lunar New Year. If you go this time it is difficult to find the best hotel and the airfare at a good price.

Moreover, on this occasion, there are many guests in Asia and the West coming to Malaysia so the restaurants and hotels are very expensive. Therefore, travelers who want to travel to Malaysia must book air tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants as well as other services (if necessary) in advance. To be more convenient and save money, you should book from ‚Äčreputable Malaysia tours and agencies. 

However, in return, an interesting thing is that the opportunity of price discount is quite obvious. For the shoppers who love hunting for sale items, this is the ideal shopping trip combining with travel. This is also the Christmas season, so coming to Malaysia at that time, you will feel a bustling, enjoyable and unique atmosphere which is not available at anywhere else.

From mid-May to late June

From mid-May to late June is a good time for sea tourism. If you come to Malaysia during this time, you will feel free and relax while lying on the white beach, swimming and sunbathing. Besides, you can delight to discover and admire the wonderful life of the creatures under the sea.

This is also the summer vacation of students in Singapore, Malaysia, and Middle East countries. Families from these countries often take their children here for summer vacation on the occasion. Medium and high-class hotels are often crowded with families and children. The price, of course, is hard to be cheap and the service may not be as good as usual.

2. Based on the weather/climate in Malaysia

From October to March of the next year

The period from October to March of the next year is the rainy season in Malaysia. Malaysia rain is not uncomfortable. Although it is much heavier, it is only in a short time, so do not worry because your journey would not be interrupted. If you travel this occasion, you will experience some cloudbursts, so remember to bring raincoats, umbrellas and warm clothes.

Regarding the climate, if you want to go to any resorts in East Malaysia beaches, you should avoid going between November and March. The monsoon and tides cause the water level to change erratically, which is not good for water sports and marine activities. During this time, many islands in the east have to be closed. On the west coasts, the period from November to January is the rainiest time and may last a few days.

Period from April to September

The period from April to September is the dry season in Malaysia, with average temperatures ranging from 29-35 degrees Celsius. You should travel to Malaysia at this time because you will be delighted to visit without being annoyed by rains. Don't forget to have an ecological tour and enjoy the tropical fruits here.

Some note when traveling Malaysia

Here are a few travel tips you should not miss to make your trip more convenient:

  • The average temperature in Malaysia is rarely changed, usually ranging from 21 to 32 degrees Celsius. However, at the high altitude it is 10 to 21 degrees Celsius so don't forget to bring suitable your clothes to avoid catching a cold.
  • The time between November and March of the next year in Malaysia is the time of a sudden change in tide that is unsuitable for bathing. Some of the islands are also closed for business at this time because there are no tourists. Therefore, check your itinerary carefully before starting your journey.

Hopefully, with the above useful information, this article will be helpful for you to know the best time to visit Malaysia. The beautiful country of Malaysia and friendly people with famous twin towers, great landscapes, excellent food and special festivals are waiting for you to discover. Wish you have a fun trip!

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